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Am I being Quoted to much

  Abarth Grande Punto


Okay, I am going to my local exhaust centre this afternoon to buy a new badboy backbox. The place has quoted me £180.00 for a Remus Twin 3" Piped box plus fitting. What do you think of this price is it over the top??

Do you think the Remus box would look okay, and im after a bit of volume, will this meet expectations?? Anyone got any pics of their exhaust on the P/R reg facelift clio?

any help would be great.

Thanks Stuart.


  MKII Vee

Hello there miltage2,

I take it, its a back box for a valver. I recently brought a Piper 3" for £120 and got it fitted at a small village garage for £20.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i would say personally that the price is over the top by at least £20

most places will throw in the fitting for free if you buy from them, even Halfords used to do that before the AA bought there garages

Why would you wunna pay someone to fit an exhaust? you may aswell fit it yourself, and spank the £20 on a couple of aftershocks, (the blue ones) ;)

thats not a bad price for a remus, its a quality product, but one thing i would say is dont expect it to be much louder, Remus are designed to be subtle, so there will proably not be a huge differnce in noise, just a deep rumble, any more than that is tacky IMO,

if i had the money i would have gone for a full remus

fitting can be easy and can be a real pain, £20 can be money well spent