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  Golf GTi Mk1

Hi Guys,

Just thought id wet your appertite with the spec of my mates Clio Williams 3,

1 owner from new, brought from Renault Leicester in 1995 for £15,000 they had an option on where you pay half the price for a deposit and the the remaining balance interest free over 2 years, £7500 for a deposit!! they only had 2 allocated to them, it is registered August 1995 completely original is stored covered up in a lock up and wait for it, has a mileage of 16,000 miles from new, thats right 16,000 miles the car is MINT i have seen it and known it since 1995 it was this car that i always wanted to have and now i do! i dont think you will find one with this spec anywhere god knows what its worth, 16,000 miles!!! AMAZING!! :D

He came round to look at mine and said that it was an absolute minter and that theres not many left in the condition of mine which was nice!! (It did take me over a year to find mine!!)

I will try and get some pics of the 2 of them together and post them if anyones interested??

what!!! 16k!

isit your car or your mates....were you quoting him!?? sounds so mint!

BUT, its got no spec..its STD much did it cost him? 9k?
  Clio 197

All I can say is that the guy obviously hasnt gotten his moneys worth. Cars a meant to be driven and enjoyed.

That is like marrying a virgin and keeping her that way!


thay would really be hard..unless it was an arranged marriage with a complete munter.....but hey, shes probably a really nice girl...LOL
  Clio 197


Think of the female equivalent of a Willy. No not that! I mean looks and performance wise. Marry her and just sort of look at her now and again.


So how do you shell out £15,000 for one of the best drivers cars in the world and lock it up in a garage? It is unnatural to say the least!

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Yeah sounds nice, altho pity its a 3. I know that of the originals, number 399 is for sale with 17k on the clock, one owner etc etc. Wants £10k for it.

All very well saying theyre sposed to be driven etc etc but there are bound to be some that are put away and kept perfect with low miles, just as there are bound to be some that get smashed up, not looked after or used alot (high miles).

Probabl worth about 9,000. Only if someone will pay that ofocurse. And yes do some pics for me.

Email them to">


  Golf GTi Mk1

Quote: Originally posted by BenR on 27 September 2002

what!!! 16k!

isit your car or your mates....were you quoting him!?? sounds so mint!

BUT, its got no spec..its STD much did it cost him? 9k?
Yes 16,000 miles from NEW!! it is my mates car i also have a Willy 3, and yes it is left completely standard with Clio Willimas the more you modify them the less valuble they become, this car would sell for a fortune to the right person who knows his stuff about willys and is after a MINTER.
  Golf GTi Mk1

Some people do like to lock up there cars and just take them out now and then, and most of these people do sell them for a lot of money, i dont really think its a shame that its a Willy 3 as in my opinion they are the best model to have, i will try and get some pics soon and e-mail them to you mate.
  CTR EK9 turbo

That sounds cool.

A mate of mine owns a Pug 205 Gti 1.9 with 73,000 miles on the clock. Here it is:

A guy has offered £6000 for it. Yep £6000.

Its a miami blue one, so quite rare. The guy who wants to buy it (its not for sale, but it should be now!) has another Miami Blue 205 1.9 Gti but with something like 2000 miles on the clock - racked up from taking it to concours shows of which its one them all. He keeps it in a car bubble and wants to buy my friend Sams as his every day car.

Its totally standard apart from a new engine that has had its head polished and clutch and crank balanced and also the fly wheel balanced and or lightened. Its such a nice car and handles really really well, it doesnt go too badly either! i had to give mine some serious stick to get past the other day! (maybe i shouldnt have started in 2nd ;) )
  Golf GTi Mk1

A car bubble is a giant bubble that you store your car in, bit like a see-thru garage but its supposed to stop any harm getting to your car, i bet they cost a bit though!!

Yeah your mates car sounds nice before i brought my Willy 3 i had a 205 1.9 GTI, it was 1 of 300 ever made (i like having limited edition cars!!) miami blue, FULL leather interior, PAS etc and that had only done 72,000 miles really really nice car but not as nice as the Willy!!! :D
  TT 225

Its like a big sheet thing, but you fill it with air so it becomes a bubble.

Not seen the car ones, only seen the bike ones at the Motorbike shows in Manchester :)
  190 BHP Willy 2


£6000 for a 1.9 gti. Send him my way. He can have my miami blue, j reg 1.9er. 93k, fsh, cat1 alarm/immobiliser, totally standard for £1500.


Its all in what people would pay. My Williams 2 is immaculate but has 90k on the clock, of course full service history. I cant think of a price and do not wish to sell it. However, every man has his price.

I would have been willing to pay £10k for that williams 3 in mint condition. When i was after one.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Yeah, know what you mean RenWill. When I was thinking of selling mine, the most I was offered was 5k, which was a fair bit under what I would have taken for it. If I was desperate to sell, then fair enough, but I wasnt. Im so glad now Ive decided to keep it. Really looking forward to pulling it apart in the winter! :D


£5k Paul !!!!, I hope you told the prospective buyer exactly where to get off. I have seen the pictures of yours and at a glance it is worth far more than that. I paid £5500 for mine a year ago and only got it for that price because the rear wheel arches were a little rusty. Had 2 new rear arches put on it and the rear quarters sprayed. Now I would expect to pay for one in its condition at least £7K including the stereo. But still, if someone actually offered me 7 grand for it I would find it real hard to let it go...what would be the point, I dont want any other car. :). I am sure many of us feel likewise.


Hi Si 172

I have met you mate Sam at Pug Performance last August when I was having a Twin Carb Conversion on my 205 GTI.

Does he have a mate that drives a Pug 205 yellow Rally?

He had just bought it then. Mine was in great condition, but must say that his Miami Blue one looked mint! He said to me that he was going to keep his standard. Is it still that way?

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Renwill, my sentiments exactly. And to think Im gonna pull it to bits over the winter! However it will be having a fresh set of components ready for next summers fun!

Funny you mention rust, as I do think Ive seen another williams with any rust on it at all. Seen a few older rusty 16vs (most go right at that point at the back of the arch nearest to the bumper, you know the bit I mean!)

Mine shows no sign of any rust at all yet, altho I do keep the arches completely crap free all of the time. Will get round to meticulously cleaning the entire underneath of the car and sealing it over the winter.

Will have to do a photo diary methinks.