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Amp power cable

  Clio 182


Looking 4 a bit of advice on running a power cable for my amp which I will put in the boot. I found it quite easy on my corsa and puma, but looking at the clio it does not look as easy!! do I have to drill a hole, seal it then try and feed it down behind the glove box then down the passanger side underneath the trim ? I hate drilling holes so id rather not. Plus it looks a bit crammed under there and I might end up drilling into something else !! What have others done ?



use the grommet the bonnet release cable goes through. unclip the pas resevoir under the bonnet put your hand down the back of the heat insulation on the bulkhead and you should be able to feel it. if you look under ther glovebox in the passenger footwell youll be able to see the grommet.