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Amplifier position? not boot and not rear seats! Mk II Ph II

  Clio 1.2 16V Dynamique 02
I've narrowed my choice to these now after looking around:

HU: Alpine CDE-9874RB with ipod connector and steering controls (about 150)
Amp: FLI Audio Loaded 400s 4 channel amp (60 pounds)
Front: Pioneer Custom Fit Clio Components (front) (70)
Rear maybe: Possibly some replacement Pioneer Coaxials for rear (22)

Where can I install the amp when I'm going to have to get a FULL drum kit for gigging in my car? This means not in the boot and not on the back of the rear seats (I have to fold them down and put things on top of them). Where else is there to mount this amp with nearby ground points if possible?

This is the FIRST time I will hopefully be doing this by the way, is there better alternatives to the equipment I've just listed at the sameish price or less and still not too hard to install? Also...

Is there a definitive/successful grommet to put the amp power through the firewall?

Is it hard to route cables into doors/ under carpet? I'm scared of it not going all back together!

SOrry all these questions! I will understand it all some day!

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  Ph1 172 + Combo van
cant you just mount it on one side of the boot. can still put stuff in the boot, fold seats down and all wires can be hidden.
  Clio 1.2 16V Dynamique 02
It would be nice to mount it in the boot but seriously my drum kit needs all the room it can get and sometimes I put extra stuff in on top of that aswell!

There's a plastic luggage frame thing under the passenger seat, can that be removed to accommodate the amp? I think theres one screw at the back that holds it in am i right? The amp could be mounted some how down there if it fits?

I was looking today and found one of those hooks with a nice bolt in the front passenger scuff trim thing, theres a plastic lid that disguises it, would that be good enough for a ground? Would the cables bar the battery connection cable travel inside that same scuff trim or is it easier to just travel it under the carpet?

How on earth do you re-wire the front door speakers too?