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An Apology to Nick (Reed)

Nick, sorry I blew at u the other day.. wont go into great detail, but had a sh*te weekend..anyways.. hope you dont hold too much of a grudge.. no point going into specifics.. that wont do any good.

so.. sorry fer calling ya a muppet lol..

Captn S. (Joe):(
  BMW 320d Sport

OK Joe, apology accepted...I dont hold any grudges (not even against 172 Slayer although I still want a race!) so lets just say our opinions differ on just about everything and leave it at that :) Glad you were man enough to be upfront about it but the question is - is this thread on the right forum?;)
  mk2 172

LMFAO, how long did it take for that to pop into your head nick!,

and nice to see you back joe

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Captain I spoke to Ben about this and both agreeded to differ and not keep on harping on about it !

Respect the views of other please.

huh ??.. I do respect the views of others, but I will not condone blatent innacuracies m8... as long as the review is available on the links then it is fair to point out that it is wrong.. now, if you were to remove the review then fair enuf :).. otherwise, then items of connability such as ecotec are fair game when a site effectively promotes the item to unsuspecting users.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

At the end of the day that is not respecting the views of others. You keep on going on about how it doesnt work and its not worth the money etc but people have used it and in their opinion and mine have benefited from the device but you always have to challenge there beliefs and point out that it dont work.

what are you doing then m8 lol ??.. its not down to what you think is happening, its down to fact.. fact that it CANNOT work on a modern fuel injected car..

as I said, if there is no favourable totally subjective review for all to read, then fine.. but again, as long as the site promotes this con, then I will unpromote it.. or, would you rather that readers were duped by the cliosport endorsement of the product... ??

Sorry to but in here but I agree with the captain if it was that good it would be on cars as standard, It reminds me of the scenario when people were being described tablets for illnesses and these tablets were made out of sugar, but because the people believed that they would make them better they felt better!! Strange but true!

thats the key to all these types of products (I paid so it WILL WORK). The difficulty comes from the promotion of such by repsected sites based on feel alone.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Joe Im about to invest in an electric supercharger. Do you think it will compliment my ecotek?

Chavvy, exactly.. it is totally placebo effect.. and THAT is my point...

As I said to you in the pm.. the onus is on a manufacturer of a product to prove worth, that is not occuring here.. it is not about proving otherwise, that is a wasted argument.

and, thanks for opening the ecotec debate once again lol...

pm.. you will need 6 of them in series, and yes, it will offer 6 times the performance increase of the - 6 * 0..

maybe an underbody scoop may help... :devilish:
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Joe, my supercharing project (the real one) has taken a turn for the worse as Ive lost the supercharger I was going to buy. b*****d!

Was thinking about an Eaton from the Mercs perhaps?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nah mate stick to electric one. Afterall you are using and Ecotek.

"Do you think it will compliment my ecotek"

PM, bad news on the SC m8...

the problem is room, if you can find one that fits, and delivers the projected airflow, then great.. any design has good and bad points .. so use any sc that will do the job and you cant really go wrong.

go for the turbo m8.. its easier sourcing the parts, and the amount of work involved is not much different. and.. its got greater tuning potential.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

But Joe, I want to be different. And I am not saying everyone does turbo conversions for them Im saying that I know of only 1 supercharged 16v engine and that was in Germany.

I think the Eatons will do it and theyre relatively easy to source.


fairynuff Paul..

I can understand your desire to do something different

the eaton is a fine design, if you can make it fit and provide a suitable drive mechanism, then kewl..

  Clio 197

Hey if you give all of your lifes saving to L Ron Hubbards organisation and you think your life is better, then I suppose it is.

I you give your money to Ecotek. and you think your life is better, same deal.

And the percieved improvement in both cases is in the same place. Your head!

If the Ecotek really worked the wonders claimed, it would be virtually mandatory and nobody would buy a car not so equipped. The Ecotek guys would be almost as wealthy as Bill Gates from licencing their product. And a few of us would be locked up for slander...

  mk2 172

paul mate, make that two, i raced the ex JVC showcar which is a pearlescent white and full of mint cream leather. i was quite near my house and i spotted it, thoguht what the f**k is that and closed in on him, saw the supercharged badge so i let him know i wanted to race, lets just say i got roasted in retrospect and i later found out the details about it. apparentley it goes off the clock and has about 250 horses.



  Shiny red R32

Craggy I am just trying to picture the mint cream leather.

Would it be like After Eights? If so, Jilly and I would like some please!