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Android 2.0

front end stuff hasnt, but a lot of the map functionallity and search functionallity etc is in the new update. I havent had chance to play with it yet so only going on what it told me was being updated when I installed the update.
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Insiders reckon there will be many more Android users than iPhone users by 2012..

Oh and the G2 is mint! Does suffer from the odd glitch though, like with most handsets!
oh i meant 1.6 umm i know of a website where you can get fresh roms/rooted roms (i think its the android version of jailbreak) ill ask tom if its allowed to be posted before i do so pm me :p


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I still can't take any phone operating system seriously when it's application SDK is java based (and the dev tools too, eclipse...urgh), especially considering that it runs the linux kernel, shame on google.