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  ICE'dberg MK2 172

:mad: I had a wheel bolt head snap on me when I fitted my 17s...they are the allen key had it in today to have the bolt drilled out. Well they f**ked the alloy. Scratched it all around the bolt hole and on the face. Havent had a chance to see them yet to find out what theyre going to do about it.

So I am in the need of a refurb!!! anyone know of the best refurbers to go to in the Northants/Beds/Bucks area????

Dont know whether to swop them back to my 16s for the RR day on Sunday?? as it looks pants. sh*t,bugger,arse!!!

thats bollox mate, cant believe they take so little care on things like that - its their f**kin job!

sorry, cant help you out with refurbs but needed to let my anger out ;)