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Another job for a rainy day. *pics*


ClioSport Club Member

As the weather was dire today i ripped out the entire interior and cleaned everything down, right back to the shell!

The only thing i left in were the door cards.:D Took me all afternoon but it smells great in there now and what a difference!

I just need a new steering wheel now, there is nothing wrong with it really but im a bit of a perfectionist.;)

Hope you like the pics, it took me ages!


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Quote: Originally posted by carbon copy on 09 April 2005
Quote: Originally posted by Dazz on 09 April 2005so what did you actually do? sorry i cant tell from the pics :confused:

clean it?[/QUOTE]Updated post now!...sorry mate.--chris

gotcha :) does look nice, ditto the steering wheel comment. Any ideas if these can be recoated somehow or is a new wheel needed?


ClioSport Club Member
  Weeman sucks ****

how anal lol. fair play for trying. i just cleaned my cup and couildnt be arsed the do the inside:D GT4 was calling lol.

Think a steering wheel is about £275 from reno coz mine was changed under warranty

Thats on a Mk2 but i doubt theres much price difference

Cheaper to get a nice momo or something
  A4 & 840CI

I sooooooooooo miss my bros old MK1, he was saying how he was a tit for selling it!

Looks great mate, nothing better than a clean car :D