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Another K800i query. This time txting?

  A silver one
So after sorting my picture messaging, video calling, delivery reports and how to use a torch, I've got 1 more query.

On my K750i there was the option to cancel a txt message once it was sending. You simply selected 'Cancel' whilst it was sending (something I found incredibly useful on more than 1 occasion) and the txt was sent to the 'Outbox' for editing or sending at a later date.

As there is no 'Cancel' option on the K800i, does anyone know how to do this?

I had the option to cancel on my old samsung d500. Used it a couple of times as I was sending the msg to the wrong person. Thought nothing of it until I got a call asking why I was sending them msgs. So I don't think it always works. Unless it was just the d500.

Assume there isn't an option on the k800, as it just goes back to front screen when sending a msg, and only has an icon in at the top to show the msg is sending.
I've had the option to cancel once, but only because it failed on the 1st attempt and I went to the outbox later and pressed send. Don't know if u can cancel from the normal screen.
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Last week I tried desperately to remove the battery before a message had completed sending to the wrong person, I failed :(
  M2 Competition
Just check who you are sending a message to before you press send... only takes a second, slow down when you're pressing those buttons!