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another street race vid

  clio 20v

which ones this how many changes did i knacker up on this one lol

been out today for a while didnt miss one sods law but it seems to be alrite until ive been out in it for ages went out tonite and it was hard to get in gear after id let it idle for 10 mins outside the shop

also bought an ap-22 today cos im getin addicted to this drag racin went halves wiv a mate

  mk2 172

just been lookin and theres one where i take paddy out to 60 then i have to cut him up! gutted cos that looked like it was gonna be a goo un!
  clio 20v

no mistakes yey,craggy- thats the first run i did against you isnt it?

i am wheelspinnin like fook at the start though

have you any more roads like that in mind mate for another go ive got a 106gti that wants a do, that should be a good comparison

  clio 20v

have a look on cliosport homepage go to articles in the menu then cliosport articles and it explains it all in the review

basically 0-60,0-100 e.t.c measuring device