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any Mk1 172 owner.. what is the oval plate number

Hi guys.

Please could any mk1 172 owner let me know the 4 letter code on the manufacturers plate (Located (on 1 72 mk2) on the drivers door internal frame.

it will be something like..

CB0N or similar..

many thanks


I could tell ya Chun, but I would have to immediately kill ya ..

Actually its for cross reference on the parts database for the fuel supply.. I need to see if there are any differences between the mk1 and mk2.


certainly did !!

cheers m8..

ps.. tried the parts on the 172 engine today (I now have a spare mk1 complete unit )

will be able to supply pics of what needs moving / removing.. its fairly minor. also, the front engine cover from the 172 can be re-used (Needs just one hole drilling and tapping in the new inlet manifold)

the head will need a slight porting session on the inlets.. only where the injectors point though.

considering not using the inlet adapter plate we discussed either ??.. might be better to drill the head (Its the same head casting as the turbo head and the locations are already there)- will have some pics of the manifold fitted soon and see which way you guys want to go ??.

will also have details of the oil feed and return as soon as I remove the 172 sump.. the feed will take the form of a tee piece in the oil pressure sender - will post details of the thred size / part number etc.


Cool cheers m8. With regards to the inlet manifold, its what ever you think is easier really. Im taking a course this year that , a simply college course. Hopefully this will give me some good experience with car mechnics in general. Me and a friend are going to buy a cheap clio 16v , hopefully something that needs a slight engine rebuild. So Icould learn about engines and stuff



In older mk1 cars with one lama sensor the code is CB0M, cars with two sensors CB1C
The code for mk2 is CB1N
Mk1 V6 CB1A