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Anyone got Wider Tyres on std Rims

Has anyone here put 205s on their std renault rims? The 195 tyres curve away from the rims inwards so would you be able to get the extra 10mm on?

Sorry, im talking abuot 172 renault factor fit wheels :)






5.5 - 7.0

86 V
5.5 - 7.5MK1 Clio 172

Yes course you can..... I always put wider tyres on the front as companies set cars up for understeer and I hate understeer. Later I will post the address for the tyre size calc so you can see how much difference it makes to the size of the wheel etc. If you goto a good tyre fitting company ie dartford tyres they work it out for you

Cheers Steve

Any links would be appreciated, im in north essex so Dartford is about an hour away for me.

So does the extra grip at the front make it more balanced or now just cause the rear to seem more slidy?
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im hoping to shoe my dynamique wheels with 195/50 R15 rubber at my change! providing the alloys will take them............i think they should!
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Youd be better off lowering it if you want to reduce understeer Mav. Understeer isnt just a question of tyre size.

Well for me it enables me to keep more power on round corners and less understeer. But also it will make it just a little easier to get the back out, not much but enough to get you out some understeer sh*t and into oversteer fun... It just gives you better control of situations. Your find you be cornering faster :)

I will post link about 4.40ish

No your right there mike but you got to not just lower it you will have to get some coil overs and play with ride hight and damper settings.... tyres are a cheaper option to start with.. but I still think the tyres should be bigger on the front anyway

I would like to Mike but to do that i have to a) pay for the new springs (not much i no) and b) Direct line want an extra £258!!!!!!

No way!

So i think id go for the smaller tyres until i save up enough no claims. :(

wider tyres! lower profile... What are they standard on yours mav? if they are 195 50 16s Then 205 45 16s should fit no problem..... But if they are 195 50 15s then you might have a problem...... the bloke are darford will be able to help

Im OK, i have a MKII 172 so im on the 16s.

Ill have a look round for the 205 45s. If i can get them in eagles then ill go for if in January. Cheers Peeps