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Anyone know the gear ratios for the Williams

Just writted a gear closeness converter and grapher..

ceck out the image of the Scenic RX4 box compared to the 172..

the lower lines are closer ratios
the lower of the lower lines (if that makes sense ?) is the closer ratio..

the upper lines are mph at each gear change..

I would be interested to see a willy box to compare to the 172...

the scenic box would be kew with a tubo though..

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Dont know the ratios but I can give you the speeds in each gear at different revs. Youll need to adjust for the difference between the 215/35/18s Im on at the moment and the 185/55/15s it should be on.

Ill try and have a go tomorrow. Speeds at each 1000rpm ok, up to say 6 or 7k?
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Well the only one I know for sure is 5th. 6500rpm rev limiter 220 on the speedo, 195/50 15 tyres. So dont any of you guys get a speeding ticket trying to get that last number for the Captain! I did it nice and legal like on the autobahn. Sure could use an overdrive or one more gear!
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No he hasnt, hes got about 40 quicklinks on his taskbar. Hes only got 6 windows open.


Interesting work Joe.

  BMW 320d Sport

OK I was driving home from Santa Pod today and suddenly remembered the gear thing. 15.2 @91mph by the way.

Anyway I thought you dont actually need the whole spread across the rev range really - only a fixed point to compare the ratios. So this is it then:

RPM Gear Speed (215/35/18)

4000 1st 20mph
4000 2nd 35mph
4000 3rd 50mph
4000 4th 64mph
4000 5th 82mph

By my quick calculations, at the redline of say 7500 that gives a long second gear that finishes at about 66mph, and at the end of 5th I should theoretically hit 153mph, not taking aerodynamics into account. Im pretty sure that on my old 16v box I worked out around 145 top whack before. So its a longer 5th as well.

Capt hope your not bored of me asking questions Am I correct in saying that you took each of the MPH readings at around 1500 rpm in each gear? or did you do it some other way ? hehe.


Heres the gear ratios for JB3-048 (1.8 16v) and JC5-014 (Willy)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. final
11/34 19/35 25/33 30/29 39/31 14 x 59

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. final
11/34 22/41 28/37 34/35 39/41 15 x 61