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AP-22 - mk2 172 settings

Would anybody be kind enough to give me all the settings needed for a mk2 172 in the AP-22 performance meter please?

Im getting one tomorrow (Wednesday) and am wanting to do a couple of runs before and after I get the work done at K-tec for a bit of a comparison.

Thanks in advance guys.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

MK2 Clio 172

Mass: 1035kg + Petrol + Driver
CdA: 0.82
Rolling Resistance: 0.016
Tilt Factor: 0.015
Roll Factor: 0.011 (Default)
Smoothing: 0.004 (Default)
Go on - admit it youre impressed!! (Pinched it from the AP22 article)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Read the article (under articles) on the sidebar menu on the Cliosport homepage. Sounds like a whizzy bit of kit!!

Doh! - I should have looked harder really - Ive actually read the article before, jsut completely forgot about it!

Cheers mike, only problem now is that its been sent out to me recorded delivery and hasnt turned up yet :(

So if I aint got it by the time I leave, itll be no use to me cos the mods will have been done by the time I get my hands on it - bugger.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Thats ok John well just take em all off again to get a baseline figure! Anyhow, hope it turns up, and have a good day at the seaside tomorrow, and well see ya Saturday m8 :D

Sorted matey, its here :) some helpful chap in the post room hadnt informed me that it arrived and instead took it to another building and left it on one of my managers desks, its now retreived and I cant wait to find a place to test it :)