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Ast 1's or 2's?

  172 Cup Jenvey'd
Thought I had 2's but these aren't adjustable on the top for compression?

Only adjustable on the bottom which is normally for rebound but H/S is stamped on the knob so maybe some micky mouse rebound and compression adjuster in one?


  172 Track Car
It is a 2 in 1 knob. They're inverted mono tubes so inside out to give them a relatively high bending stiffness.

They are AST 2s, I think the 1 also only has the single knob only it has them on the top.
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  172 Cup Jenvey'd
Mint! It did come across my mind as being inverted but came home before I checked that out.. Cheers!
  172 Track Car
They work well, bit of a mid range bench mark above a lot of standard coilovers. To note they are well below cup racer or so I've been told. Having been in a mk3 Cup racer I'd say it was a fair chunk better in the vd department than the phase 1 on AST2s