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ATTN Capt. Slarty - Craggy needs a favour!

Craggy is trapped without computer in deepest Scotland and needs to know where he can get a cheap turbo for a Series 1 Punto GT (GT1). He reckons youre the man to ask (cant think why ). Can you (or anyone else of course) help?



tis easy to fit..

best bet would be to ring BB tuning

01787 220456

ask them if they can get an exchange, they have good turbo recon contacts..

Joe.. tell me more about craggys dilemma though lol

Not sure what the problem is apart from needing a new turbo. Cant get much detail across in a text message! Cheers for the reply though, Ill let him know.



  Shiny red R32

Ahoy there Captain! Can I please intervene in your Craggy/turbo topic?

Where is the best and cheapest place to get a hybrid turbo for the Raider plese? The last one has blown!

do you want a hybrid ??.

and, WHY has it blown Sylvia ??

can you give me a few more details ?.

Andy at BB tuning is the best bet... but it would be useful to see what actually happened.. (to avoid a repeat !)

turbos dont just give up, they either suffer ...

over - rev..
contamination by debris..
Poor assembly
lack of oil supply ..

Lack of oil supply is the favourite...

NEVER rev it hard when cold...

ALWAYS allow the turbo to spin down before turning off the ignition.

Let me know gal.



  Shiny red R32

Thanks for your reply Joe. Will let my garage pals have a look ASAP and tell you more when I find out the answers to your questions.