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Attn:-Nick Goodall

sorry if you have been asked this a thousand times,

can you give me details of your spoiler you had on your clio, and do they do one without brakelight??

webby address would be helpful, if possible.

or if anybody else knows, or knows of any others?? web address essential, ta v much.

weight, You saw my spoiler at Midlands meet? £65.00 without brakelight from Prima Racing.


Name: Clio Upper Tailgate Spoiler
Code: Ren220
Price: £65.00

Dunno if it was easy to fit - Bodyshop did it...
It bubbled loads when it got sprayed, but Ive been told most do this if they are put in the oven. There are no bubbles in it now, though... so they obviously did something else.