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Austin’s Clio dci 100 Initiale


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
how did you end up finding it mate? And what was the solution, a new line?

Iirc I did the bottle method injector leak test and happened to notice bubbles from the return line. The hole was right down the back of the engine near where it goes through the tunnel, I couldn’t see it but my hand came out with diesel on it.

Replaced the line and spliced it into the old one with some rubber fuel line because I cba to drop the tank.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Dci 100

The dci is getting picked up tomorrow to be taken to the scrap yard. Just the wheels left to take off and it will be on axle stands ready for collection tomorrow.

Such a shame this has ended as it was a fantast runner for a year. I wish I hadn't bothered getting the clutch fixed at the very start and scrapped it. I think it was the renault enthusiast in me causing blurry vission and making me want to save a 16 year old clio.

I have took off as much as I can, that will come in as spares for my 182, or that can maybe be sold.

I will say a massive thank you to everyone who helped me with this from the start. A bad ending and a lot of money wasted but it was also fun from the start when I first picked it up.
@Yorkshire Pudding @Mazz @Brigsy gabe me a lot of their time through private messages and in here which i am very grateful for.
This was becoming a real money pit and I’m kinda glad you decided to cut your losses. Great little cars, you just have to be lucky with these fuel systems !
Quite upset this happened now, I would have loved to get this shell as I’m very fond of this dark blue!!
I’m glad my very little knowledge was of some use to you. Back to 182 life now ?


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Dci 100
You could have had the shell mate.

no, not using the 182 as a daily. I have my brothers old Twingo 133 that I have transferred my insurance over to. I need a sensible diesel family car but not in a position to get anything yet so will have to use this until then.