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Automatic headlight adjustment

  200 FF Storm Grey
Car has had a new headlight, my ecu has also been reset..

Jst gt car back and the alignment seems v.low..

Any way of sorting this?


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
xenons should sort it out on its own as far as i know, the ballast bit should do it
  200 FF Storm Grey
Im nt the smartest when it comes to under the bonnet mate lol, was under the impression it was a motor that they worked off?
  Megane dci 130
there are sensors on the rear axle and one of the front bottom arms. Check the rods are correctly attached.
  Dodgy one
They wont adjust individually though, If ones a lot lower than the other it'l need winding up. The garage should have done this when they fitted the new headlight though and checked the beam pattern.
  200 FF Storm Grey
No they're both low, its probably the rear axle as that was replaced yesterday asweel, cheers lads
  200 FF Storm Grey
There's a loud buzzing coming from near the engine block when the ignition is on, could this be the headlight motor?