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Awesome drive, then kerbed my alloy TW@T!

Just had a great blast from north to south wales last night. Clear skies and clear roads coupled with the 172 made for an awesome trip. Had a play with a 206 gti on some wicked country roads, cheers mate whoever you were. And played with an old bird in a corsa sri, I had to hit !30, on the private road, to lose her.

Ive also decided that third gear in the car is awesome it just pulls all day long.

So i get home, buzzing from a great drive and what do i do! Kerb my mailto:bast@rd">bast@rd alloy for the first time, mailto:tw@t">tw@t mailto:tw@t">tw@t TW@T!!!


  Audi TT Stronic

my alloys are well kerbed.. although they were like that when I got the car.. so it doesnt bother me that much.. I will just get some aftermarket ones..
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

A Haa! Went for some Sunday driving myself in the one lane country roads around Lancashire. Awesome. First time my ABS came in handy too when flying over the brink of a hill and a tractor taking up the width of the road on the other side! :eek:

Good fun, wish i had an EVO for those roads. :D