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B Roads Hunters Meet

B Roads Hunters Meet
Posted by MrBlonde
B Roads Hunters Club Meet
Saturday, August 28, 2021 - 10:00 AM
Until: Saturday, August 28, 2021 - 05:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

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This event has expired and has no upcoming dates


ClioSport Club Member
After the Great Caffeine & Machine meet,i would like to sort a meet for the South Region & looking at the B Roads Hunters Club place.

I know its not in the Essex/Herts region but its excuse for a drive out for the day.

located in East Sussex,Same kind of thing like Caffeine & Machine,but this time not an early start as it opens at 10am.

I'am in talks with BRHC,so will confirm on things soon on other little bits of info.

So the date i had in mind was Sunday the 29th of August but,they have a German car meet then.So will have to be a Sat again on the 28th of August or even could do the Bank Hol Monday & this gives everyone time to clean/do last bits on there cars etc.

So Dates.

SATURDAY the 28th Aug


MONDAY(bank hol) 30th Aug

B Roads Hunters Club is located in Lewes,East Sussex.

Links Below of there website and Instagram.

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ClioSport Club Member
So the meet will be on the 28th of August,bank hol weekend.

Meet there for 10am,have a chat look around etc.Will be the first time for me here.


Feel free to use the image below to post up on Instagram etc👍🏻



ClioSport Club Member
Can we do a list please,as Edd at BRHC has asked how many are coming and if in high numbers he is going to give us our own parking area,thanks.

Just copy and paste please with your name.

1. @MrBlonde
  Clio Williams 3
Just seen this I'm well in for this!! So glad something has been arraged for us down south!! Wont put my name in just yet as I have to see if I can get out if working that day but if I can I'll deffo be there!!


ClioSport Club Member
Is this road any good for anyone who lives that way?,The B2026

Looking to use this road shortly once i come off the M25.



ClioSport Club Member
Please feel free to copy & post this image on any sites,social network instagram etc please.

Weather is looking good 😎

  Clio Williams 3
Sadly I'm not gonna make this only because I cant get out of work!:(
Genuinely gutted as there seem to be so few 'meets' in the South!?
Oh well I hope everyone has a good time and hopefully join you for the next one!!!??


ClioSport Club Member
Not looking the best as I’ve been away for a few weeks.

Will try and get it sorted out before we leave.

Should be there 10-10.30 at latest


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 Cup/Meg R26
I really wanted to come even cleaned my car but have got to go into work with short notice have a good morning everyone