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barrythecat's Phase1 titanium 172

So thought i better start a thread about my car,pictures will be shared/stolen from other people as i only have a Blackberry and the camera on it is s**t.:eek:

Anyway,i had always steered clear of french cars but never really knowing why?
I needed a cheap runabout and got myself a 2004 1.2 16v dynamique and fell in love with the thing,i was truly converted.

After owning it for about 2 months,my boss at the time got hold of a lovely titanium ph1 172 for about £500 :eek:

The story was it belonged to someone he knew and apart from moving every year for the MOT etc it basically sat for the best part of 3 years in his front garden.

So my boss snapped it up with the intention of keeping it,he serviced it,oils,filters etc and drove it around for about a week or two.

It was in pukka condition and on 62,000 miles..all it needed was the bumpers resrayed due to a couple of scuffs.

It then came to pass that i hadn't been paid for a while due to lack of money coming in,so we struck a deal that i would take the car and he would pay to get the parts to get the belts and dephaser etc done....happy days.
The car was looking all good and i drove it around for a couple months,my boss kept "forgetting" to get the parts for now but everything looked good under the bonnet,no noises etc of any i was doing 80 odd miles a day to and from work and it was all plain sailing.

In Febuary i went along to Surrey Rolling Road for a small meet and met a few people and had a great time,never been to one before,let alone run my car!!

Got a respectable 151.7 bhp which i was happy with(was hoping no less than 150)

Then Timmsy was being paparazzi in the car park,so the chance was there ;)
The dynamiue was sold to a friend for £800 and he sold it within the hour for £1450 lol....i wasn't bothered,that's my holiday paid for in august:D

After much asking/arguing with my boss about getting the belts etc...i told him i would sort it and he could give me £200 cash back...agreed and done.

I had met AlexW a couple of times and arranged for him to get the necessary parts and fit them for me (Very trustworthy guy and does a good job)

In the meantime i had a set of Eibach Sportline springs ordered and delivered the next day for £145 from a friends friend who is an Eibach supplier,these were fitted pronto.Although they didn't lower it as much as i thought they would,i am happy with them and the ride comfort.(sorry no pics)
Towards the end of March i booked in with AlexW and dropped my car to his on a saturday night...we live approx 30 miles from each other and he dropped me home,so he could take his time on my car the next day.

I asked him to take plenty of photo's and to box up all the old parts for me(which all really turned out to be in qiute good condition) and when i checked through the folder of history i got with the car..i can see why.

As i have said before,this car has sat around for about 3 years BUT everytime it was due an MOT,it's had new discs/pads etc(obviously from seizing),it's had new shocks and bills for plenty of other stuff...the previous owner has spent a pretty penny on this car and just never used it:S
Anyway,the only thing i didn't have a receipt for was the belts/dephaser and after speaking to a few people on here,mainly alex and mark @Dr.jekyll
parts were ordered and alex got to work.4.jpg

found out it had the wrong sparkplugs so these were replaced with genuine renault ones

22.jpg think the pollen filter needed doing lol

new oil and filter change too but no pics of that,oh well..:rasp:
After everything was checked and checked again and then checked once more...alex drove the 30 odd miles to pick me up and take me back to get my car.

Great bloke and would recommend his work to anyone.

Whilst there he just so happened to have a set of 20mm front spacers for grabs,so these were promptly paid for and fitted,many thankyou's etc were said and it felt like a new car on my drive home.
I went along to the Chelmsford meet last saturday...nice turn out and met some more top peeps.
Fantom had a set of rear spacers for sale,so i snapped these up and they were fitted last night,car holds the road so much better now :cool:

will get someone to take a pic in the next few days for me :eek:

That's pretty much it for now..just got to fit my clear side repeaters and front fabia splitter that i got off here a while back and still have in my boot :eek:


  Z4, VW172, R26
Great stuff I love ph1s.. interesting to see the power after belts have been done. . Does it drive better?


ClioSport Club Member
Great stuff I love ph1s.. interesting to see the power after belts have been done. . Does it drive better?
I want to know the power now too! Dephaser didn't rattle, and timing was bloody close.

Glad you're happy with the car Barry, We'll have to get some decent pics of it now its fully spaced.
I want to know the power now too! Dephaser didn't rattle, and timing was bloody close.

Glad you're happy with the car Barry, We'll have to get some decent pics of it now its fully spaced.
Yeah the weather is looking good for the next week or so...might have to rope you or mark into taking some pics;)

I'm curious about the power now but to be honest i don't think it will be much more cos as you said the dephaser was ok and the timing was only slightly out.

if it hits 160 bhp i will be very happy but i think if it hits the 155 bhp mark that will do......time will tell i suppose :D
small update......a friend was working on a clients 1.2 clio and after asking if i could have her clear indicators for my orange one's,she said yes.

popped my orange ones off,nice and simple.....popped her clear ones off,and the lenses came away from the holder..on both!!!?

got some glue and commenced operation fiddily,waited for the glue to set and hey presto...clear repeaters with silver bulbs now fitted.

small detail but makes such a difference to the look of the car.

pics will follow soon ;)


ClioSport Club Member
They often come off the backs, they are s**t, I've had to glue loads lol.

What you going to do on it next?