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batteries being drained?? HELP!

Hi, woke up to find my batterys dead. when i charged it yesterday, it's still dead....

Recently i have installed a new head unit. What i have noticed is that when the cars locked up/switched off, the display on the dash with the time + temp is still lit up and on?! Could this be the cause draining my battery over night?
Do i need to disconnect this display all together because of my new headunit, or is there anyother way round where by when the cars switched off the display does?
Has anyone else experienced this?

Please help, got the day off to put it right.
cheers steve.
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Whats the car Steve ?

If this problem started when you changed your head unit then obviously thats a possible cause.

When you were working on the car, did you run the battery down by leaving the interior lights burning, it may be the battery is truly flat and needs a long slow charge.

The temp and clock display, although they shouldnt be on, will not normally flatten a good battery overnight, but you need to fix that.

How old is the battery, do you have some huge amp on the system, sorry.....more questions than answers, but without knowing its foolish to guess.

Tell me, What car, What H/U and how you connected it up (adaptor loom or wired up) and I will try to help.
thanks for your reply brian.
my car is a mk2 phase 2 clio dynamique.
Ive had the headunit fitted on friday, and tuesday my battery was flat.
I Brought a wire adaptor so i didn't have to cut any wires.
Im not running an big amp, just a new headunit.

I will point out the headunit now doesn't need the ignition on for it to work, But i always turn it off when i leave the car and take the face off it.
Back to the display, It always stays on, and never goes off, im sure this is the problem...
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Hi Steve,
OK here is one possible solution. The oem unit and the JVC have different wiring but probably use the same colours.

What you need to do is this:
Check the colours on the JVC to see which is Battery positive (on all the time) and which is Ign. controlled.

Make sure you have them connected the right way round even if the colours on the cars loom dont match.
Next check the JVC units lighting circuit and external amp switch on colours and do the same with cars wiring loom.

The fact the set is now not controlled by the Ign. switch suggests this is the problem. And your clock temp display is being fed from an output that should be ignition controlled or dedicated panel light output, and obviously is not.

It will help if you have a test light or multi-meter.

Good luck, let me know how you get on.