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Ben R.. me PC is now a MAC clone... :) - cd’s

you cheeky bugger!!
im still getting prices on the hard copy. but it may not be this week.

OMG!! Only 35 quicklink icon thingies down the bottom! Surely you can squeeze another half dozen or so on there as well....

Hi Smiley..

what model of Mac is it you have ??..

The rom image is a copy of the binary file from the system Read Only Memory..

it communicates with the hardware and software as a go between and interpreter to form a pseudo hardware abstraction layer (HAL)


I gotta mac.

A g4/350 AGP.

Kinda scary seeing a mac os on a pc... although not as scary as seeing windows on my mac (via virtual pc)

Why do you wany os 8... could you pc run os x in the emulator?