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Ben's Flame Red 172

  Renault Clio 172
Been browsing all over this forum for the best part of a few months now as i'd been considering getting myself a 172 or 182... registered up few weeks ago and i thought its about time i actually start a thread :D

So i bought myself a flame red 172 with 72,900 odd on the clock paid £850 which i think was quite a bargain to be honest had no tax or mot but had lots of potential so i bought it anyway.

This is how it looked when i bought it sorry for the crap picture..




The previous owner had left me with a s**t cupra splitter that didnt suit the car at all and i kept catching it on everything, plus there were a load of stickers all over it which i havent got any pictures of to show you, but they were all manufacture brands like sparco,megiuars, ramair etcc.. anyway they were off the day i got the car home. :)

I then set about buying a few simple mods changing the side lights and also the rear number plate light.



never realised the rear would be so bright :eek:


then at the weekend i gave it its first proper clean since owning it washed,clayed and waxed :D few pictures of the reflection.






Then for the sahara desert to kindly blow its sand all over it the next day :mad:


Next purchase was the ph2 rear lights so much nicer than the ph1 that were on there.



and thats all for now :)

Future plans will be to get the front bumper resprayed

Few Dents to be removed

Turinis refurbed

New number plates

Cup Spoiler

and either new skoda splitter or the carbon fibre one

Headlights also need refurbing

other than that im very happy with the car and i just want to tidy it up.


ClioSport Club Member
As said, looks like a bargain.

Any idea why it had ph1 lights on? rear ender?

get a 3m kit on the front lights and a skoda splitter and you're on to a winner :)


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Master
Can't complain at that price it's cleaned up nicely! Any history with the car?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
Is it just me that thinks ph1 lights look brilliant on ph2 flamers?

Echo the above looks like a very good buy! I need a flamer in my life at some point.
  Renault Clio 172
As said, looks like a bargain.

Any idea why it had ph1 lights on? rear ender?

get a 3m kit on the front lights and a skoda splitter and you're on to a winner :)

no idea mate some people prefer it as its all red but i think it looks a bit more modern if im honest with the ph2 one's
and yeah that's one of the few things to be done :)
  Fiesta ST
Get some Bosch retrofit flat wiper blades. Cost about £20 and they're so much nicer than the standard wiper blade.
  Renault Clio 172
Small update !

I Always wanted to try out the yellow fog look on a red car so i did let me know what you think cost me £3

Looks a bit like sand paper on the picture :dapprove:


Number plates are definetley being changed soon :)