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best exhaust for a ph1 172

  corsa ecoflex
as the title says.....i tiook my car to get the exhaust sorted today and when it was up on the ramps the guy pointed out that the middle section has a small hole in it..ive got till april next year before the i wanted to know yor thoughts on the best exhaust for performance and sound...should i get a decat or not and who is the best place to go and have it fitted
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
how much to spend?

Ktec stealth, they could also fit.
Yozza stealth

The best in my opinion is something else, but will cost alot!
  M2 Competition
Hmmm, im gonna say a ktec stealth because its hidden, reasonably priced and sounds nice (not too loud, but loud enough)
  e92 + E46 M3 + Cup
Powerflow & Gray de-cat, you know what mines like with that set-up :cool:

Bare in mind you can use the PH2 cat if you get powerflow to match it at the cat end so no more issues with the PH1 cat problem ;)

Only flaw with the K-tec stealth is it doesnt sit tight in the car, Johns & chris's both seemed low.. on standard springs!
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
Or, if you dont care about noise, and just want performace, SuperSprint. But it costs!

Best performaing exhaust of them all imo
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
the yozza is based on the supersprint...

buy the supersprint ivan,

buy the supersprint!


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf R
Super Sprint you say? What kind of money is in these

Standard exhausts are made of chocolate tbh
  PH1 172 Sport
K-tec stealth gets my vote though as said it does hang a bit low. What this tweak with the mounts people are talking about!!??
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
Super Sprint you say? What kind of money is in these

Standard exhausts are made of chocolate tbh

Back Box: About £300
Center Section: About £250
Racing Cat: About £200

EDIT: Just to add, the information posted above is for there street system

They also do straight through racing systems, very very loud

One of the clio 172 Race Systems:
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