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Best wheel cleaner and wax and polish for Trophy ?

  R27 427/500 ALBI
Hi going to give the car a full clean at the weekend like to know what the best wheel cleaner is , brake dust has easten into the corners of the alloys looks yellow on graphite wheels , is there any good cleaners that will remove that or at least brake it down but not over expensive ?

looking for the following

Wheel cleaner advice and why ?
Best wax for a deep shine on my trophy ?
Best polish for my trophy ?

I love clean cars im a noob to getting good products :)

All help would be fantastic :)
Lots of people use Bilberry Wheel Clearer so would give that a shot to keep them clean however, if you project them with wheel specific sealant they will only need warm soapy water to clean them next time.

I've got the same colour clio as yours allbeit it isn't a trophy ive had good results with basic AutoGlym stuff such as the SRP and EGP combo after 2bm, clay, 2bm, dry, SRP, EGP. However I've got some new dodo juice products to try this year. Im sure the DW crew will be a long shortly.