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Best Wheel for a clio 172

hi peeps what wheels do you think suit the clio 172 mk1
i know the super ts are popular but has any body got somthing else
on there clios 16s or 17s



I had 205/40/17 League Tantrums now I have dark chrome Boss XTR 17s. Its dropped 15mm at the back 25 at the front

I am looking at getting 18s though


  Audi TT Stronic

my favs at the moment are those khans (i forget the model name)

flat faced 5 spokers. but then I always seem to pick alloys that no-one else likes

I did enquire about 19s but the tyres cost more than my car!!

The boss XTR look like the six spoke Khans, But they only have five spokes.
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So you have new wheels on your car and you have no idea what they are! Right....Im opening a shop that sells wheels to women only....ill make a fortune :D

TSW blades look mint....

either that or you could get some of the speedline magnesium ones for 1500 quid a wheel they look great...errr...maybe not

Quote: Originally posted by Paul Freemantle on 18 March 2003

Dont show them pictures you fool! I was going to get that done to some OZ Chronos until i found out these will be imported. Thing is they wont be Renault fitments so its whoever goes to the trouble of finding some hub adaptors! Theyll be feckin expensive too. ASFAIK lighter than OZ racing wheels
  7.6cc :D

Quote: Originally posted by SHORTY on 18 March 2003

So would you lot recommend gun metal grey colour alloys on a titainium
silver car

You concerning me now, are my old wheels gun metal grey?
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Paul, do u havea pic of your car with the lip spolier attached? meant to save it lats timne u posted it and cant find that thread now?! Dohh, is it poss to email it to:">


anyone know of any sites with a wheel selector on them ? preferably with as many manufacturers as poss, i WILL definately be changing my rims soon and have seen a few questionable choices from other owners (not on here btw!) so would be nice to see how they look before shelling out my hard earned