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Big Steve's RB Clio 182 Cup Restoration

I've been into my small fast Renault's for ages now but still can't really explain why...? ?

My first (and what started the love) was my first Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider 1990's:

That was my Mum's brand new Valver back in the day...! The Raider 5GTT Turbo model was the closest it could come to owning the Valver... well the same colour at least!!

I sold that car and went back to Vauxhall's for a while until 2003 when I bought another Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider which I still own now and I restored in 2006. This car has become a little infamous over the years being one of the first that was fully restored whilst others continued to be modified and abused (more on that later) I still own this car:


Couple of years later I bought Flan's Clio VAG and thrashed that round for a while (Great Fun that car!!). I sold that car some time ago back to Flan incidentally!!

I then bought a Renault 11 Turbo for a Restoration Project. I still own this car, and am also working on restoring this at the moment:

I then bought myself a R5GTT Coupe Cup Car I used for track days. Great fun but It was just too damn un-reliable for a trackday, and I was getting passed by standard looking Ciio's all the time. So I sold this car:

As I enjoy the odd trackday, I replaced the 5GTT Coupe with a Megane R26. (Still own this car at time of writing):

So I don't need any more Renault's do I...?
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Got the Steering Track Rod ends painted, assembled and back on the car, so I could again move the car:







And then got myself some new Power Assisted Steering pipe seals from Renault, and fitted one to the low pressure feed pipe, before fitting back to the car:


Thanks for reading :)
Following the sucess with the bulkhead heat shielding/soundproofing, I gave the bonnet matting a dose of the same treatment:

I could then get the wing, wheels and bonnet back on the car:



...before dragging it kicking and screaming out of the garage and back into the drab british winter!!


but it was soon wrapped up under it's fitted cover:

Updates on this thread will slow down a little now chaps as I'll be working on my R11 Turbo, but don't worry, as soon as something happens, you'll know about it..

Thanks for reading :)
Fantastic job. Just read through the whole tread. More pics of the 11 too!
Here’s a few live ones I just took from my garage @Iain C :

engine bay is coming together, the Cooling system is going in at the moment:

Dashboard is in, but the roof lining is holding me up at the moment... currently waiting for my balls to grow enough to tackle it... 🤦🏼‍♂️

finished installing my cheeky ICE system (Yes I know that term and scene is years old... much like me! 😂)
Just finished reading this thread. Absolutely love it!! Attention to detail is great, and everything is captured by HQ photos..
Love your dedication.
Finally got my Gearbox off Bloke aka Carl Wadeson after its 1 year holiday on the Wirral... 🤦‍♂️

Looks ok, I just hope the giblets look as good as the outside which has been blasted and re-painted. Hopefully I can get it all dropped back into the engine bay soon!

In preparation for the re-assembly, I’ve also had the OE Air-com pump Re-built to ensure the A/C System is in Tip Top condition when it’s all back together:



I’m hoping I can get this car back together for the ClioSport national Day this year..!?

Thanks for reading 🙂
Ohhh ouch!

However my steering wheel will live in this as Steve collected it from me a fee weeks back so part of me is in there too!! @YorkshireKyle

Glad you got all the bits back from Carl @Big_Steve_T after all this time.

Project is absolutely spot on and the work involved so far is 👍👍

Definitely looking forward to seeing this at CSF and catching up with you again.
Been working thru the engine loom I got off @Mbeau that was in great condition to begin with, just wanted to go thru it all and clean/re-wrap it all in new softer insulation which I think looks better in the engine bay:

Also gave the exhaust manifold a little tickle with some high temp paint, to make it look a bit more presentable: (1).gif

Hoping to get the engine and gearbox back in the car this weekend... (Weather and patience permitting) will let you know how that goes?!

If anyone can direct me in the way of the correct routing of the engine bay wiring loom, it might come in handy??

Thanks for reading :)
Hoping to get the engine and gearbox back in the car this weekend... (Weather and patience permitting) will let you know how that goes?!

Nothing ventured nothing gained I say!!! :cool: So today I finally got the engine back in the car - BY GOD there's not a lot of wriggle room in these engine bays is there?! 🤦‍♂️:D

First job was to give the front subframe a little wash down as it got quite dirty, from just sitting outside, stationary, under a cover..? 🤔 We then fitted the PAS pipes, heatshield, and exhaust manifold:

Next we fitted the flywheel, clutch, and gearbox to the engine:




We also made our life a WHOLE WORLD easier by also fitting the starter motor and wiring it up at this point also...! (Heatshield fitted after I took this photo)

Next it was time to finally dropping the engine into the bay: (1).gif

And torquing the engine mount up to spec.. (2).gif

A photo of the finished article:

I need to connect everything up in this connection box but unsure what goes where.. If any of you have a link to the correct layout/connection/configuration of these connections you could pass onto me, that would be fabulous!!

Thanks for reading :)