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Big Steve's RB Clio 182 Cup Restoration

I've been into my small fast Renault's for ages now but still can't really explain why...? ?

My first (and what started the love) was my first Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider 1990's:

That was my Mum's brand new Valver back in the day...! The Raider 5GTT Turbo model was the closest it could come to owning the Valver... well the same colour at least!!

I sold that car and went back to Vauxhall's for a while until 2003 when I bought another Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider which I still own now and I restored in 2006. This car has become a little infamous over the years being one of the first that was fully restored whilst others continued to be modified and abused (more on that later) I still own this car:


Couple of years later I bought Flan's Clio VAG and thrashed that round for a while (Great Fun that car!!). I sold that car some time ago back to Flan incidentally!!

I then bought a Renault 11 Turbo for a Restoration Project. I still own this car, and am also working on restoring this at the moment:

I then bought myself a R5GTT Coupe Cup Car I used for track days. Great fun but It was just too damn un-reliable for a trackday, and I was getting passed by standard looking Ciio's all the time. So I sold this car:

As I enjoy the odd trackday, I replaced the 5GTT Coupe with a Megane R26. (Still own this car at time of writing):

So I don't need any more Renault's do I...?
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Cycled the 28 miles over to near Cambridge today to collect the Clio and it was simply Wonderful... Sun shining, bit of frost on the fields... I felt like bloody Forest Gump when he was running across the USA!! 😂


Stopped at Maccie D’s for a protein rich energy bar... ok, it was a Sausage & Egg McMuffin 😋

The bike ride was well worth it, the little Clio looked proper resplendent!!!


Disassembled the bike, and it fitted into the back of the Clio a treat! Never put it in there before:

Talking of bikes, the detailed had a brand new limited edition Ducati carbon fibre superdoopa bike in for some PPF coating... meant nothing to me, but I’m sure to you bikers, this may well be a BIG thing... he said it was worth £32K!!


Thanks for having a butchers 🪝
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Daily drive.....pfffft yeah right 🤪

Got it all done so I can drive and enjoy it round Badgerland this weekend.. 8:00am tomorrow morning, we set off to Ashbourne.

Mind you, whilst re-assembling the front bumper this morning, I saw the new JR Driveshaft has split it’s inner CV boot, so it’s deposited a nice load of axle grease all over the car... #renaultlife 🙄🙄🙄
Well @Coops Mk1 does not speak with forked tongue 🐍 Had a flippin awesome bank holiday weekend driving around the Derbyshire Dales in the Clio and she just relished it:

It has certainly made an impression on me this little car, so much so I even gave it a clean when I got home this evening to get all the dust and dead bugs off it.

Finished cleaning it and then moved it back into its parking space and the STOP 🛑 and Battery light were on Permanent Red! Scratched head a little and then saw that the positive cable from the alternator had totally snapped off it’s termination... all whilst I was cleaning it...!? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Quick termination of a new ring I had and problem solved, just pleased it didn’t decide to do it whilst I was driving it all weekend.
What with all the excitement and Love going into the new Clio Raider, my wife and I, took the little blue fighter out for a drive this afternoon.

Still love this little car VERY much and it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.

Purely by chance, this evening I got an update on the replacement gearbox from @NorthloopCup to fix the 5th gear crunchy crunchy synchro!!

I’ll let Mark’s text and pictures do the talking:

Knackered main shaft bearing replaced:

Replacement 2nd gear synchro and selector hub:

The new spangly Quaife Diff ready to go in 😎:


Fully built up mainshaft with new synchros and bearings:

All getting assembled together:


On goes 5th gear:

Then the end cap and she’s all back together:

I’ll give it some loving with the degreaser and a quick flick over with some silver paint and she should be as good as new again.

Now the nice weather is hopefully going to make an appearance, I’ll be able to get the old gearbox out with the engine, and this fitted back in.

Thanks for reading 😎
Took the Clio out for an hour this evening to warm up the fluids and make sure she was still running well.

WOW, Just WOW….

I’ve got to say, it’s a better and more involving drive than the Clio Raider… and with the cheeky mods I’ve done to it, think it’s actually faster as well…

Fallen back in love with it, just in time for its MOT on Monday..
Fitted new JR Driveshafts to this car when I rebuilt it… and true to form, the flippin inner CV Boot split as it must have made contact with the corner of the engine block.. I did cut down the engine block to try & minimise the contact, but obviously didn’t work..

So I ordered a new SNR Driveshaft from the chaps at AUTODOC and it’s EXCELLENT!!! Exactly OEM Spec with the smaller inner CV Boot that doesn’t go anywhere near the engine block.

Took a comparison picture for reference:

And a picture of the AUTODOC reference if anyone else it looking for one:

Took it for MOT today, and she sailed thru ⛵️