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Bit miffed off about Milltek exhausts...

Today my Clio went to 2 mates who I used to work at a Vauxhall dealership with, but have since started their own company, for the Milltek decat pipe fitted to my Clio. I knew this way there would be no hesitation and they would do what I requested (albeit with a little bit of piss taking about the MOT in 11 months.)

Before it went up on the ramps I said it seemed to be blowing but I couldn't figure out where from. I initially thought it would be around the cat as this was the most rusted area.

Anyway decat was fitted after much struggle to get the pipe joiner/reducer out, and it was actually blowing from the N/S backbox. I managed to get this welded up for now but coming from a MK4 Golf where Millteks where by all accounts "the best exhaust you can fit," I'm pretty pee'd off. Lifetime warrenty isn't transferable to the next owner, and it was fitted by the previous owner. So if the weld goes then I need to buy a new Milltek.


On the flip side it does sound phenominal but its a lot louder than I expected! :approve:

The neighbours won't approve!


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Worth still giving milltek a buzz or dropping them an e-mail. Scorpion changed one of my sections under warranty even though I was not the first owner so its worth trying just in case.
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If it bothers you then I'd recommend changing it.

I had a Scorpion on my 182 and it was a lovely exhaust.
I love the sound tbh buddy, sounds phenominal. I'm just a bit like "hmph" because I never knew the fact Milltek made crap welds until a friend from here said "Common thing with Millteks that."
coming from a MK4 Golf where Millteks where by all accounts "the best exhaust you can fit," I'm pretty pee'd off.

succesful marketing. They're just as bad on vw's. I know a guy who used to deal with all the warranty claims for a local VAG specialist


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Ive got a miltek on mine and love it two :) hopefully nothin will go wrong with mine, but all the lads on zsoc run them and my mates has been going 3 years strong now, so might have been a one off dodgy one mate, I'm sure miltek will wanna keep their reputation up so call them and see what they say, worse case your'll be in the same situation.
I sent them a question regarding the decat, asking if I would need an exhaust sleeve to fit the decat to my (already-installed) Milltek cat-back 4 days ago. No reply so far.

So much for customer service?
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Speak to Milltek direct. I bought my 182 with a Milltek and the welds went on one of the back boxes after two weeks!

Previous owner had bought the system in it's broken state for no money and had it welded back up (very badly!) and refitted. Anyway I called Milltek up and they asked me for the serial number (etched into a plate between the backboxes) and that was it "We'll ship you a brand new system in the morning, sir!"

No questions about receipts or original ownership, can't fault their customer service at all - although if you've had no reply on email i'll definitely call them instead.
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Have to say Ade i did like the Milltek not as load on the moterway as my yozza race. The thing dones my tits in Some time lol but hering your milltek made me think of geting one but for time being will stick to the yozza :approve:
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There will always be mixed reviews on the so called welds with milltek exhaust systems. My clio was the 2nd car to have one fitted to it and I have never had a problemn with anything to do about the welds.

People may bang on about certain other companies selling better exhausts but do they sell the same amout as milltek? if Milly sell more then its obv that they will have more complaints.