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bits 2 spray

  mps aero
rite im havin a bit v go at sprayin my cars bullets, renault badges, dash strips etc im gunna spray the outside bits white allong with alloys. as i have a fully balck 172 ph2. then the inside black. anyway i have a question about the rear bumper. 1st how do u get the bumper strip off? does it just pop off? and secondly should i even bother doin the strip. this is what im aiming for. . . ish lol think the strip would look ok in white?


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Personally i'd leave the strip . Just spray the badges , bullets etc ....
  mps aero
could always get a cheap strip then c if it looks naff. thats what iv done with my dash strips they wer £15 delivered cos i dint what 2 fook mine up lol
  mps aero
jh if any1 fancies photoshoping it? lol just coppy the above pic. iv never used photshop otherwise id try myself