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Black Dynamique 1.2

So after the previous Clio was no longer :(

Rather finding another poverty spec one, I waited till a decent spec arose around Manchester.

This came with Electric Sunroof, Climate Control, Auto Lights, Auto Wipers and best of all Phase 3!

I had to look through the tints and the chav spec alloys that were on 195/45, consequently a very harsh ride home as I live off some cobbles.


Purchase Day 2 by MWright24, on Flickr


Purchase Day by MWright24, on Flickr

and the rims... they were very light nevertheless.


Old Rims by MWright24, on Flickr

Had a beautiful tow strap so I imminently removed it.


Brap Strap by MWright24, on Flickr


No Longer.. by MWright24, on Flickr



Pony Sticker by MWright24, on Flickr

After. (mmmmm... swirl marks)


Sticker Free! by MWright24, on Flickr

Then the first things I had to change were the interior lights & dash etc.


Clio Interior 1 by MWright24, on Flickr


Clio Climate by MWright24, on Flickr


mmmmm....MPG by MWright24, on Flickr

Clio Clock by MWright24, on Flickr

Then sorted a pikey fix :)


Then I colour coded the boot button.


Clio Boot Button by MWright24, on Flickr

After showing a great interest into retrofitting cruise control to the other clio, I thought I'd have a root through the wires behind the dash, then I came to find the connectors for both Cruise and ESP. Win.


Cruise/ESP by MWright24, on Flickr

Which got me trawling through many foreign Clio sites as they and very in depth, they ssay that some clios are pre-wired (as in dci's and 1*2's 2002+) and some clio are only wired cabin side or engine bay side. Dieppe must have been a backwards place.

So I've left that as a future project, as I'm wired dash side so I will need to route wires from the ECU to R107 connector (Cabin to Engine Bay) near the washer bottle. Then maybe some CLIP time to activate the light, as it can work even without the light or SET --- being displayed :/.

Also with my previous Clio I wanted to get a set of genuine BBS rims. So I took the opportunity to grab a set in Bolton.

Then I had to get them rebored from the 57.1 to 60.1. Cue a friendly lathe machinist who did it for beer tokens. So I promptly sourced some tyres and got them fitted.


BBS Wheels by MWright24, on Flickr

Clio and BBS by MWright24, on Flickr

A few days after I attended the Chester Meet at SP Automotive.
Was a very dirty trip down there and back, nice to see other cars I hadn't seen in my first meet.

2013-03-25 13.39.58.png

Dirt from the meet.


Dirty by MWright24, on Flickr


Dirty2 by MWright24, on Flickr


Dirty3 by MWright24, on Flickr

I had a niggle with how dirty it kept on getting so purchased AG SRP and EGP along with other AG goodies.


Black Clio Beading by MWright24, on Flickr


Then I replaced the gearknob as it was worn, then I had a moment and tore the rubber part off to realise it wasn't a simple process. I then sorted it out until a new gearknob arrived :)

2013-04-06 13.26.21.jpg


2013-04-06 13.49.38.jpg

Aftermath with a hacksaw and a hammer.

2013-04-06 14.32.02.jpg

To do list.

See if Cruise is possible. (got all parts minus wiring).
Sort Oval plate and VIN sticker (again).
Refurb BBS Wheels (polished lip, silver or black or mix??)
Fit Clean plates (already got).
Find 2 more E30 BBS Centre Caps (rare & expensive)


Rear RS Bumper.
RS Skirts.
RS Wings to fit to PH3 bumper.
Colour code bumper inserts.
​Coilovers rather than springs.
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  clio mk2 1.2 75hp
looks like i just found what to upgrade in my clio :D what is the voltage in dashboard? :) but the problem is that in my clio there no climate control, is there would be problem to replace normal temperature control buttons with electronic ones? like in yours car
To test the dash or for the SMDs?

The dash is 12v

And the SMDs I'm sure are a set value but dependant on colour iirc.

I haven't had a a problem with any SMDs I've bought.
Dilemma; my current wings are both damaged and I'm unsure whether to dive in the deep end now and get sport wings and skirts then sort the gap out later or just get a set of non-sport wings for £30 delivered...

Clean plates were put on today


Fresh Plates by MWright24, on Flickr

Maybe a splitter will be on the cards also.

Also I've coded my courtesy panel and changed the light so I could fit a festoon.


Courtesy Light Panel by MWright24, on Flickr
looks like i just found what to upgrade in my clio :D what is the voltage in dashboard? :) but the problem is that in my clio there no climate control, is there would be problem to replace normal temperature control buttons with electronic ones? like in yours car

With the normal heating panel I did something different in my old clio -

You could simply change the twist lock bulbs but then you'll have to remove to orange filter from inside the housing of the panel.

I would believe it to be a very complex job as everything is motorised instead of manual, new looms, new uch inc programming...

All in all an expensive project to do, that's why I decided to buy a higher spec clio first :)
Will you be at TOPO meet?

I might make the trip up, you sorted your PH3 bumper?

If not why not get RS wings then factor the fabrication of smoothing it, to also sort out the bumper to fit RS wings :)

I won't be mate unforetunately, I am stuck at work :(

And yeah, I have got Kudos on here smoothing and painting it for me :) and I'll be sticking with normal wings and just getting rep side skirts mate :)

You smoothing yours at all?
I won't be mate unforetunately, I am stuck at work :(

And yeah, I have got Kudos on here smoothing and painting it for me :) and I'll be sticking with normal wings and just getting rep side skirts mate :)

You smoothing yours at all?

No smoothing for me just colour code the inserts DIY style.

:/ I don't fancy paying £70 for the skirts then paying again to get them sprayed up.

But then I'll also have to sort the front bumper but in time though I can survive with a small triangle.

I've recently sourced and fitted new wings.

Polished and fitted a RS rear bumper.

Clio Fwend by MWright24, on Flickr


Clio Reflection by MWright24, on Flickr

I had a funny moment as I went to the petrol station without any plates on :quiet:

Derp by MWright24, on Flickr


Clio Rear 2 by MWright24, on Flickr

Luckily it was only 2 minutes away.

Also I replaced the rear number plate holder along with a LED bulb.

Colour coded the rear wiper insert.

Now I've got all the BBS centre caps and currently awaiting custom centre badges, so after my exams wheels will be going in for a refurb in high-power silver with polished lip to match BBS centre badges.

Other than all the progress it's been driven to Prestatyn and Pontefract, enjoyed every minute.
It would've been all that sweeter with cruise control on the motorway drives, but it does return a healthy MPG.

Clio MPG by MWright24, on Flickr

Next will be a splitter of some sort...

  Ford Fiesta ZS 2013
im really liking the backlit being more ice blue mine are orange and its so dull I may get someone to do it for me looks really nice and refreshing on the eyes i bet especially when night driving
im really liking the backlit being more ice blue mine are orange and its so dull I may get someone to do it for me looks really nice and refreshing on the eyes i bet especially when night driving

Yeah cheers.

Some people prefer orange to white for night driving. But white looks so much fresher, plus can use dash dimmer anyway.

It was the first thing I did in this and my other Clio, its not too bad to do it yourself with the guide and a soldering iron.
  Ford Fiesta ZS 2013
Yeah well Im going to be purchasing my membership on the 10th on here and getting the lights to do it so I will have a look on a guide on here if there is one and either attempt it myself or get a buddy to come and help. Well my car is white and black and the interior is something I really would like to get doing and that would be a good start for me to do. Orange dont really look that nice so yeah fingers crossed. What kit did you use from the site? any chance you could link it. How many did you use oin yours?
I didn't purchase a kit they over price them. I'm guessing you have a Clio Campus 57 plate? so you'll have the same dials as me.

You'll need to purchase 4 PLCC-2 3528 SMD (For dials)

and 4 PLCC-4 3528 SMD (For the center LCD)

You'll need a fine tip for the soldering iron and a steady hand :)

Surf eBay and other site I've used for interior LEDs/SMDs are and
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Been a while since an update...

Firstly I've found the OSF strut is leaking so out on the look out for new front coilovers.

Front is a little lower and the rear likewise, as now I have some rear adjusters and gaz springs which need to be helicoil'd.

I have recently purchased an RS rear beam that will be powdercoated or a few coats of hammerite along with fresh bushes, for the time being I'll be cleaning up the callipers give them a lick of paint.


Rear Beam by MWright24, on Flickr


Rear discs by MWright24, on Flickr

Plus these bolts were bloody hard to get off one of the smaller sheared and rounded the torx head *%$*!.


b*****d nuts & bolts by MWright24, on Flickr

Just bought a new set from Dan@MAD, once the beam is on I'll see if I want to add any camber as on some rough road it sometimes scuffs the outside tyre wall.

Along with the rear beam I am in the process of a full service inc. waterpump, tensioner, all belts, all filters, bushes, spark plugs and oil. I've bought a new coolant tank too to freshen up the bay, when removing my front wheels to clean them, I noticed my pads were a little low. They were replaced with Mintex pads & discs this will be likely for the rear once the disc stub axles are on.

Pollen filter was rank!


Pollen filters by MWright24, on Flickr

Also bought a plethora of new tools for the service like a torque wrench for the lower end (9Nm-150Nm) needed for the waterpump, brake line spanner, bush pullers and an awesome bit of kit - Electric Impact Wrench cost around £45 much cheaper than the machinemart item just rebranded under Timbertech.

Also finally got around to find a replacement front bumper as mine had battle scars from previous owner.


Front bumper by MWright24, on Flickr

Had a nice trip upto the lakes a month or so ago which was a nice drive!


Lake District by MWright24, on Flickr


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Dci 100
Good work mate, youv done quite a lot. When ypu say phase 3, i take it you mean because it has the new shape front bumper?
Cheers, yeah phase 3 is the different front bumper, centre digital LCD Speedo. Plus this has the optional cool pack.

The rear beam from the RS is being sent to the powdercoaters tomorrow and also bought a caliper rebuild kit as some seals were guff.

Also bought some VHT paint for the caliper after a wire brush session it'll be good as new. :approve:
The rear bumper was 40 from local scrapyard, it's not in immaculate condition. Pearl black is also a colour which 172's were so no need to spray up rear bumpers when they are readily available.
  Clio mk2 1.4 ph3
ahh fair enough, i fancy getting one for mine and colour coding the side strips and door handles etc but ive never done anything like that before, your car looks much better than when you bought it i might add :)
So after long debate after a wheel bearing decided to s**t itself and lining coming off a rear shoe. I priced up the cost to fix it against converting to a 1*2 rear beam.

I decided for the latter and today I bled the brakes, went out for a test drive needless to say I'm happy as Larry!




Somewhat visible, better pictures tomorrow :D
Update has been a long time coming, jesus...
Over the year I've done:
- Cambelt + Tensioner + Waterpump + Aux & AC Belts
- Powdercoated Alloys + PE2 Tyres.
- Custom underseat subwoofer
- Repair rear wiper.
- New rear brakes.
- Paint/Fit Cup Spoiler.
- 'Refurb' Coilovers (Electrolysis at home, powdercoated springs, coilover strut covers/socks)
- New TRE's to cure a minimal vibration 60mph+ (which passed an MOT with a 'strict' tester)
- Serviced twice, did significant mileage over the year. (Multiple trips to London from Manchester)

Also landed myself a proper job in Software Development, currently in the process of producing a mobile app.
Pictures later...

Also after an E30 BBS RZ 15" centre caps, one of mine got nabbed. If anyone has any miracle spares I'm after 09.23.117 just the black plastic part and 14" inch ones won't fit. I have a 14" complete cap that I can swap or trade.

Cheers Mat.
Another update, I changed my clutch for a valeo one as it was getting way too high and a little slip.


As you can see the friction plate was on its last legs. It's now so smooth when pressing the clutch pedal, also changed the gearbox oil while I was at it. Don't think there's much more wear and tear parts I can replace haha.

The only little niggle is that when I ever dry steer the column makes a nice clunky noise it's not the shafts - that's the only gripe.


The only up to date photo I have, camera on my phone ain't the best - that's the best I can get.
Cheers, not really a fan. I quite like the phase 3 front end. Don't really want to turn it into an RS rep, this might be for sale soon thanks to @Logan89 in standard guise or with mods.

Recent updates.

Ktec recessed exhaust (quieter version)
Alcantara wrapped A pillars
Engine bay mounts powdercoated/painted


Alcantara roof lining
Service due in 1,000 miles Oil, filter change
Get standard alloys
Buy an RS haha hopefully a BG 182
Haha you make it sound like I crashed into it or something, really good car this and looks great on those rims but it'll never be a itttt!
Low and slow is what they say. I wouldn't have thought of buying a sport earlier otherwise. Rims will be staying for the next Clio unless a decent offer comes along.