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blackberry bold 9700 (panther)

So think ima get this bad boy over the iPhone.

Panther on orange seems t suit me well, mins texts and unlimited Internet.

However, would I v better off getting it from orange or carphonewarehouse?

Silly Q. Buy could make a big difference in the long run.
  Mountune Tractor
I'm going to get this phone but won't make my mind up until Orange officially release it directly on 7th December. They may be able to cut me a deal as I've been with them for a very long time.
  Mountune Tractor
Ah so there not actually selling it yet? May just go to CPW then as I want it now!

No on their website it says 'coming soon' so I rang them and they said it's out on 7th December. The stupid thing is you can buy it on an orange contract at various other places except orange. Random.
Webt into orange this morning. Had a good chat with the dude in there and his words were, "dam that's a good deal, I it's legit, get it without hesitation!"

It's online only I realized today so will order it later on today, left the dam CC at home...