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Bloody Renault garages!

  Silver Fabia vRS

Took my car in for its 12000 service today and cost me £115.74 with me supplying my own oil. They also filled it up with washer fluid, which it didnt need and charged me for an Air Filter which, after looking at the old one, they havent replaced as it is filthy. Cheeky bar stewards and they charged me £17 for it. The service manager is going to get an ear bashing tomorrow.

Geoff.. wow.. barstuds !!!

I would threaten trading standards.. suing.. and general physical harm if they didnt get their collective arses kicked !..

go to the top.. not the salesman, the manager.. (no need to go any higher as he will make these decisions)

When he starts to seriously grovel.... TELL him that you want it doing correct.. now !.. this minute.. he will mumble something about workshop being full etc.. or say no problem Sir, come on down ..... either way.. you ask WHEN its gonna be corrected, and you hope for his sake its BEFORE trading standards get their hands on the parts !!!

He should really grovel now !

Now go for the kill... ask

what compensation are you going to offer me for all the lack of trust you have portrayed ??.. even if it was a genuine breakdown in communication as you say, and, has NEVER happened before.. ????????

I would rate that as at LEAST the next 2 service bills PAID by them... they will either agree (mugs !) or settle for a big yes... when he looks smug.. tell him its the MAJOR service or nothing.. with ALL parts for inspection, all check lists checked and veryfied..

As he sinks into the chair... stuff him for the interim too !"

Joe...... "align=absmiddle>


  Shiny red R32

Geoff, how much did they charge for the washer fluid? Our local good garage charges 30p, but when hubby had his Beemer serviced at the dealer recently, they charged £2.50 and we have a gallon of the stuff in the garage! Rip off merchants!

For all they know, we might have just topped up the washer stuff that morning and if they put in extra (assuming they actually DO put some in) the mix might be too concentrated and the chemicals or whatever it is, could mark the paintwork or affect the rubber trim on the windscreen!

ive had a few bad trips to my local renault dealer i had my clio in to have a new power steerin pump put on the car and three times they had the wrong pump sent to them at different times and each time they never noticed untill they had taken the old one off so it got harder to drive every time untill they pulled their finger out of there arse and got it sorted the forth time i only go there if i really have to now but when i do its funny watchin the faces drop as i walk in the door
  Audi S3

I ****ing hate my local dealer bunch of money pinchin w****rs!
Last time i went there they tried to charge me for diagnostic work which i said i didnt want cuz cant afford it they said ok go to colect it later and they say cant find anything wrong with it oh and by the way u owe us £60 for diagnostic! then go over to my car and it looks like its been through a rally stage!
And now i have to go back there tommorow to order a heat sheild as mine keeps falling off!
Does anyone know if there easy to fit cuz i dont trust them with my car!

Sorry bout the babble!

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I to dont trust Garages, so what I will be doing is marking all the serviceable parts eg. Oil filter, air filter etc with a tiny biro mark on it only noticable by myself then given them the car to do. If they come back unchanged I am going to give them hell.

As Captain says given them hell but start of being Mr Nice Guy then turn into Mr Ar5ehole Guy.

As i work for renault i can assure u being extremely nice usually works the best, cos when youre an arsehole we usually say got take a fuc*in hike mate!!
and as for changing parts i wouldnt worry bout that id be more worried bout getting your car back in one peice!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Yah Mr Nice Guy works sometimes but if you have an arseh0le serving you that dont give a sh1te I have found raising your voice can be effective. Saying that I have never ever had problems with Toomey Renault near me and the guys have always known what they are doing and have always been polite.

The worst branches are ctr of London and Manchester Renault take the pi*s, u would be lucky to get it back and nothing be wrong with it !!
Very true bout raising your voice but some people take it to far and starting screaming then its like do a really care whether weve changed your oil filter or not !


  Shiny red R32

Why dont we start a list of good and bad Renault dealers and the reasons why they have been selected?

good idea, but there wont be many on the good list.
4000 miles a year im surprised u see a renault garage !!


  Shiny red R32

I had to visit my nearest one twice. The first time was to sort out the water leaking into my spare wheel well when I had the car first, which turned out to be lack of sealant near the rear bumper, then the exterior temperature sensor was showing 80 or 90 degrees when it was about twelve degrees and both jobs were sorted perfectly well under the warranty.

This garage would go on the good list as the staff were very friendly and they did exactly what was required.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I have been through 3 different dealer but Im now pleased to say I have found one that actually does a good job and doesnt rip you off. Its a Reanult dealer would you believe!

The can is in at the minute getting the Exhaust looked at, idle problem, petrol light coming on when tanks not empty and an annoying rattle on the dash, so ill let you know if they live up to their reputation.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Just got off the phone to the garage, started as Mr Nice guy though as I was giving them the benefit of the doubt! Guy apologised and said they would replace it when I have my climate control sensor done next week.

Minx why do you single out Renault Manchester? Just curious as Ive had my car dented, scraped, oversprayed, never ever fixed etc etc at Renault Manchester.


Minx why do you single out Renault Manchester? Just curious as Ive had my car dented, scraped, oversprayed, never ever fixed etc etc at Renault Manchester.

When you phone Renault uk they give you a load of bollox about never having any problems with Renault Manchester and that they are one of their best dealers!!!!!!



i single out manchester cos i deal with them all the time and have the customer complaints after theyve been in there and as for renault uk they aint got a clue they are trained to not single out a garage im just one of the rebellious ones!! haha
ive had that many complaints that i now send people in manchester miles out to find a garage just so there car will still be in one peice when they get it back !

Geoff - thats cos they got no competition, u aint got any other renault garage for miles Hitchin, Milton Keynes or Northampton so they got nothing to worry bout !!

Geoff, Wests of Cambridge had a large fine this year from trading standards for charging for parts they did not fit. The fine was just a small cost against the money made from ripping people off.

I had my 12k service today as well, having been quoted £120 i was then presented with a bill for £141, this was £20 more than the quote and £1 for filling the FULL washer bottle, after a short discussion they reduced the bill back to £120. The guy then told me that if he had quoted for the 12k 172 service it would have been £160.

After all that I think I got a good price at £120

BTW this was renault Leeds

yeah geoff it was bristol street those guys are a bunch of monkeys if i have to go back there it will be only to soon mate
  Ford Fiesta

Renault Leeds on Regent Street seem competant. As do Sunwin renault Bradford, although there s bu@@er all place to part at this one. But they are good at fitting parts etc. nice tidy job. Still not keen on leavng cars come service times.