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Blowing exhaust.......

My exhaust on my 05 plate 182 has started to blow, dopped into my local garage who confirmed this. rang Reno and got it booked in Thursday for them to look at. whats the chances of them doing this under warranty? car has done 15,000 miles.
Well, they should do. I'd sooner ask them how much labour and parts would cost and if they would be willing to give you a cash settlement instead. Then get an aftermarket system which will stop any more hassle.
It will be done under warently its a wear and tear item.

Cliobuyer - They might fit an aftermarket one and charge the normal labour price to Renault if you payed them a bit for the hastle and put the new Renault setup in your boot for fitment when you want Renault dealersh need to send the old one back (assuming there going to replace it not fix it) so without an old one to send back they won't get paid.