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Blue Cup - Bath Road - Cheltenham

  106 GTi
52 Plate in the Bath Road car park this lunch time 1 ish, anyone?

Could do with some fliers.


ClioSport Club Member
  Jaguar XFR
blue cup in cheltenham but not bath rd, near lower end of high st
always seen a silver 182 parked opps the bowls place in town(ambrose street) i think. always there whilst waiting for uni bus.
  No more clio's for me!
Could be my mate (spongebob1 - John), he's just bought a 52 plate cup and works in Cheltenham. :)
  Monaco Blue 172
i was in chelt on Sat pm! nobody noticed me (as usual)! :p

my windscreen wiper fell off so i had to jump out and get it lol