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BLue LEDs in 16V Dials - Possible

  clio 20v

the clio dials have an orange film behind so no unless u stripped them down and removed the film, ur probably best getting hold of another set of dials to play with an see how it looks

I put Blue Lights in mine, and it came out a dirty green/orange colour - Very nasty.

Im looking at making mine red sometime - would look cool, amd red looks red through orange!

The funny thing is, I had a dumb moment - before I bought the blue bulbs, I checked to see if the light got through ok - to do this, I used one of those flashing lights you get for Push bikes - it was red, and it looked superb... of course it would, red shines through orange! Never thought at the time.


The Blue Bulbs I got?

I went to a local Autospares place and got some sidelight bulbs (Same fitament as my dash light bulbs) and put them in.. "For show use only" sidelight bulbs...

Went again the other week and they didnt have them though, so I couldnt get any red ones.. will have to shop around.