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blueflame or ktec stealth?

  Jap Shed
I have narrowed my choice to these 2, can you give me you opinions if you own either?
whats louder? the flame looks a bargian at 265 delivered from the factory.............:)
Big Iain and Ali both good mates of mine have one on their cars and they go pretty well....not too loud when cruising and a nice tone when giving it some.


depends what you want.

tailpipes - blueflame
none - stealth.

i imagine the blueflame will be louder as they're not too discreet! [love mine]


theres nothing wrong with the blueflame.

they make the exhausts for TVR, Bentley, Lotus and Westfield. so not too shabby eh?
  tiTTy & SV650
big iain doesnt think much of his ktec does he? Certainly put chic off buying one I think...

FYI Big Iains stealth failed at the welds. I'm liking my blueflame more and more, I chose it based on price i.e. I needed a new exhaust and it was best value for money.

People were raving about blueflame a few months ago, now they **** em off.

I'd get a milltech if i was organising a group buy again it'd be for milltech, but I like my blueflame.
  172 cup
miltek only seem to be developing exhaust's for the 182 and a couple of newer cars and they are very expensive
i fancy a stealth one but people seem to be slating the k-tec one at the moment so im now thinking of getting one custom made, the problem with that is finding someone that will do it well
  tiTTy & SV650
i prefer 172 systems cut into the bumper, the blueflame 172 zorst isnt cut in. Custom is way to go for a 172 IMO
dont really like stealth ones, prefer an exhaust at the back, looks odd when the car sounds loudish with no exhaust. imo of course