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BMC CDA or ITG Panel

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Im on K-Tec now, looking at IK's, and I dont know what to go for.

My 2 options are....

- ITG Panel filter with a CAF from the airbox to the lower grill
- BMC CDA, again with a CAF to the lower grill

Is the BMC worth the extra 100 bucks?

I know that im not going to get massive (if any) gains from either, but im after noise mainly.

Whats the verdict guys? I wanna order now now now! lol

Also, where is the best place to get a CAF trumpet and tubing for a CAF?

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Not on clios, but have always had good results from panel filters over induction kits and will prob go for a panel filter when i get a cup
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I have been rocking a BMC CDA for more than a year now and have never looked back - Great bit of kit in my opinion and sound very nice!
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As said save yourself the extra £ and take the accoustic valve off and the bottom CAF and you'll get more noise, if not get down to Renault and get yourself a V6 airbox!! lol
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Get a k-tec branded panel filter. Wouldn't touch the others you've mentioned personally

Why would you not touch whats been mentioned?

I thought everybody tossed off the ITG on here and iv never felt the BMC has held my car back personally!