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bought a Mk1 172 today :)

got myself a new car this morning.... after a relatively short drive down to cornwall i spent over an hour arguing with my credit card people over payment !!! oh well

anyhow... couple of questions;

1. Shift up light, if it has it, where is it ???

2. Warranty, what was the situation with the earlier cars ?? this one was registered in 2000 so i think that means 1 years that right ??

3.What if anything can be done about that exhaust hitting steering rack or whatever it is i have read about when pulling away in first or coming out of junctions ???

it does it in my car and the blokey reckoned renault hadnt been able to sort it...

advice please

oh yes... I love the car...
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I hope the two of you are very happy together. Did you get to try out the 172s pace on your nice drive home?

I cant help you with your questions, sorry.

Have fun.
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Hey, nice choice in car! youve chosen wisely! Yet another 172 in Hampshire/surrey region. Do you fancy coming to the meeting on sunday 3.30 in guildford at Halfords i think. (ill be in the courtesy car, great)

Regarding banging under acceleration: my car had this, it turned out it was the engine mount bolts needing to be replaced with newer/different design ones. (ask forest172) Should be done under warranty.

Regarding the shift up light: my car also does not have this feature, its located on the dash to the left of the rev counter at the top of all the leds. Some dont have it, i think the CB0M ecu ones dont (?) Do a search about it, im sure its been discussed loads - but i would have thought, seeing that yours is a 2000 model (mines a 2001 mk.1) that it would have it? I think they took it off because people werent looking at the road. (i cant remember what people on here said about it)

Welcome to the Mk.1 172 club!


yes, enjoyed the journey back again

it was about 165 miles each way so a decent trip really

took my trusty Highline down there... said a tearful goodbye to the car which to be honest, I didnt have any reason for selling other than its high mileage (56k..yes..ok, not THAT high but too high for my liking) and the fact I was itching for a new toy....

drove back again... the clio is very similar to drive in my opinion but does gather speed a lot lot would definitely leave the vr6 standing in some speed bands (ok, most i guess)...

possibly due to the huge weight difference between the two.....amongst other reasons

brakes are good (v similar to the golf as i suspected / hoped) unlike the brakes on the impreza i test drove which were crap

interior i am happy with.... will get round to fitting all my flashy light sony unit back in again at some point.....

makes a nice noise at around 4,000 rpm....(the car not stereo)

happy all round really so far (after one journey !!!)

if i can get knocking sorted then ill be even happier...

Glad you are happy. Take a look back at your first post about going to look at the car. I wrote a few things but you must have missed it, warranty cut off etc.


if you think it makes a nice noise at 4000rpm, why not try 7000! Trust me between 5 and 7000rpm, 172s love it.

Remember theres nowhere near as much torque as a VR6, so youve got to rev them to make them go!


Oh and find a tunnel and floor it through there.

Mr VR6 Sir.

the knocking you describe may be the reuslt of engine mountings.. but.. I think u will find that it is the result of axle tramp (And that ISNT a lap dacer who fancies yer wheelie bits..!)

when u r spinning the wheels the only thing to benefit is your serotonin level..

Have fun.


yes well i did think that but it definitely aint the wheels.... its the wrong kind of noise...

i know the spinning and jumping wheel noise.. 1st, 2nd and some of 3rd in the wet in the vr6 with a heavy right foot seem to cause it !!!

this is definitely a knocking noise..

ive checked to see if anyone had sneaked back from cornwall with me ....but they aint !!!


Ive got a Titanium Mk1 172 and it makes exactly the same noise you describe - certainly aint axle tramp - its either engine/box mounts or downpipe hitting something. Either way, Ive been complaining about it for the last 20,000 miles and still not got it fixed - I couldnt give a damn anymore!!! Just forget about it and make the engine scream so hard you cant hear it!

Nice choice of car by the way. In the best colour too!


i like a challenge though ...or rather i hate annoying (and in this case very loud) rattling noises..

i had an annoying rattle in the vr6 for a while...

ended up with various new parts in the back....finally discovered that all the new parts were in the right area but not the actual cause of the noise !!!

oh well!!

surely though with this noise, if its the engine mounts then it needs sorting ???

and if its the exhaust hitting something then isnt that potentially a problem as well ??

or not ?


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Hope you enjoy your car VR6 Man, good decision.

What will you call yourself now?
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F4RMAN ? - engine number for the 172 and it could also be a cool number plate!!?

Im not sure about the cost of it out of warranty. I could give you the number of my garage and you can ring and ask. Im sure theyl just fix it, as its a common problem with 172s, well, mk.1s anyway. Just say that it was never cured before the warranty ran out, if they ask about the warranty. If they want you to pay, just say its done it whilst under warranty and shouldve been fixed by renault then, and wasnt, so, as you know how to fix it here, fix it!!!! (if any of that makes any sense what so ever!!!?)


When i bought my MK1 172 i had all the typical problems. Knocking under acceleration, leaking boot....
The knocking noise came from the downpipe hitting something due to torque under acceleratin. Renault adjusted the egninemounts to get the downpipe as for away as possible from what it was hitting, problem solved. The leak in the boot was at the rear lights. Otherwise a great car.

oh well i might give that a go then...

the bloke at the garage said he had tried to fix it by changing the shape / angle of the exhaust at that point but it stilll knocked and when he took it back to renault, they just put the original shaped exhaust back on again and made the problem worse !!!

when i picked it up the first time the guy at Renault told me the car was fine, but ofcourse it wasnt. It was worse. The only thing they had done was to change egninemounts/cushions. I returned the car and they adjusted the egnine position and knocking noise was gone.
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My Jan 2001 Mk1 has the gearstick icon second from top on the left side of the dash icons. Ive never seen it light up though... Ive never had any of the knocking described either so I guess the guy who I bout it off got it sorted before I took it off his hands...

Enjoy you r motor, mate.


cool..i will get this looked at when i get a chance


yes, sounds like it then

oh well ; see above

and yes, thanks i will / am enjoying !!!