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Bowen's 182 pt.2


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  Clio, Golf and Ceed
Recognise the Golf R estate from the owners group on Facebook. I sold mine recently and bought myself a little track project aswell.


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Recently sold my daily...
View attachment 1565182

So the Clio was/is being used as a daily for the time being. The previous knocking which I thought was the exhaust hanger, well it wasn't. After fitting the Pro-am hanger supports, the knocking was still there and REALLY obvious. Like a wheel was loose. I noticed pedestrians could hear it too.
Further investigations, it was the lower collar for the rear coilover. Quick tighten up and sorted.

During the refresh of the engine bay I snapped the MAP sensor. A call out on here and @Louis came to my rescue and offered me a MAP sensor, I just had to cover postage. I gave him some beer tokens too and it was on its way to me.

Damaged sensor vs the one Louis provided.
View attachment 1565183

In and the engine fired in to life and after a little while the idle settled nicely.
View attachment 1565184

Thanks again to @Louis for sorting me out.
Loved your Golf - followed it on VWROC.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio, Golf and Ceed
Ha. Small world. Got a thread for the new track toy?

Yep, Golf R Estate gone and the replacement daily is here...View attachment 1567090
No mate, should of done one really. I still have another Golf estate I use for work, so let the missus get a new car. I enjoyed the Golf, but like others got bored of it.