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Brake Ducts

  Vauxhall Corsa
What have people used, and where have you bought it, to make the tubing behind bass port brake ducts? What have you used to attach tubing to and through arch liner? Another bass port?
I bought a kit off of ebay (ph1 kit) worked well but supplied hose was way too difficult to deal with. Bass port looks great.

The way the kit works is kind of like the bassport idea. You attach the hose to it using zipties (what else lol). Cut a hole in your arch liner where another "bassport" would be to attach the hose to. Horns can be bent out of the way without much trouble. I'd recommend removing the carbon cannister.

You can find some pics here:
I found that cuttig the fog lamp area completely open (I filled it with mesh) and removing the arch liners kept the brakes cooler than when I had those ports and 5" ducting into the arch
  S-Max & Mk7 GTi
I’ve just finished putting some bass ports in my fog surrounds, it’s really easy to do.

I bought the bass ports from eBay and I’ve also got some neoprene 102mm ducting which i was going to run from the back of the ports to holes cut in the arch liners.

Having put the bumper back on I’m not going to bother with the ducting l don’t really see much point, I think it’ll do just as good a job without it and the front arch liners are so weak and flimsy it’d only be a matter or time before they disintegrate anyway.

I’m just going to leave the liner off and fabricate a plate like the ones in the picture to direct the flow of air to the brakes.