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Breaking the bank........

  mk2 172

just ordered:




two top engine mounts(hillpower dog bone to follow)

steering rack


£1175 plus vat:(

but i got 15% off the total figure whatever it turns out to be

and for the willy box dispute (JC5 - S09 or the 015 or whatever it is) the second one is discontinued. the discontinued one is currently on my car. now only the s09 is available. apparently. 015 one cost over 2 grand anyway, didnt get into the discount box


i got

Induction kit

Stage 2 Hill power kit


hopefully get the stage2 done by june next year. need to make it a weekend trip to UK and just get it fitted, should get it done in a weekend? (if nick works over weekend) exception maybe? :D
  williams and trophy

just to clear the box issue up a bit more........jc5 015 is te standard willy box....the so9 box is a recon box....according to reno dealers in guildford


  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah I think thats how they list it in the book Jon. But I have it on pretty good authority that they are brand new (info from a contact with Renault France who supplied my box). And if youve looked at my box youd see that it is absolutely spanking mint. If it was a real exchange/recon deal, how come they dont really care that people are giving them 16v boxes in exchange? Cos the Willy boxes are brand new off the production line and made to order. Renault UK hold a certain amount of Willy boxes in the country and when they run out they have to order another batch from France, which take around 5 days to deliver.