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Broken Cup Spring...

  172 Cup
A front spring on my 03 172 Cup broke the other day when i hit a pothole.
First queston is, has anyone heard of this happening before?
Second question is, can they be bought as a pattern part or from Renault only?
1 spring alone from Renault is aprox £150!!!!
A local garage say they can get an aftermarket part and they DID use the chassis no for id.
Just don't want to get into a bun fight if the wrong ones are fitted.
Am i right in thinking the Cup is 10mm lower and something like 10% stiffer?
Urgent reply if poss as the car is going into garage in the morning!

Cheers guys
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front 172 cup spring 8200257954 £106+vat

its fairly common they snap, go for Eibach pros or sports (£135 approx for a set)


ClioSport Club Member
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look on here, thats what i did. You'll pick up 4 Proline, or Sportlines for £80!