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Hi everyone this is Sharon jamies girlfreind im writing on behalf of Jamie (Rockport) his broken down in Kent and his had to stay with his mum tonight .

He was coming out of work and he feels that his clutch cable snapped and is broken. Has anyone fitted a clutch cable before and if so how difficult is it, or will he have to call out a mobile mechanic.

It would be appreciated if anyone could help.

Thanks once again


depends on his skills.. plain n simple.. and....... access to knowledge.....

often its a simple case of saying ....... " this goes from here to here... via here .... "

then its plain sailing.

have a go.. if you aint got a haynes or reno manual... dont ask... !!!!:devilish:

THAT !, should be pre-reading if ya wanna play....

I mean that sincerely folks... and, various government heath warnings lol !

A clutch is not an easy fix. It is normally a engine out job to be done properly. You can do it without tkaing the engine out but apparently its not as accurate.

If jamie has not done it before then i would recommend a mobile mechanic but that will cost!

Best off taking it too a garage you with the AA or RAC?


Do a search on this subject as someone else recently had the same problem and a few people gave him advise on what to do!

Think it was Cat171,

It can be done but is a bit fiddly.


cheers peeps, its jamie here..

Got the clutch cable fitted this morning. cable cost me £18, and took an hour and half to fit! its was definately a 2 man job aswell!!

however with that now fixed, im finding it very difficult to change gear!! :confused: it seems to be the lowers such as first and second!!! please dont say my gearbox is on its way out!! :cry:

this is only started happening since changing this poxy clutch cable! do you think this issue will self-correct itself? im told the clutch cable is self adjusting?! could this be the problem... i hope so cuz i cant afford a new gear box!!!! :mad:

has anyone else had this problem?! (with the gear change i mean) im finding im really having to force it into gear... sometimes even crunching between changes....

thanks again for all your advice....


A while ago I used to own a 16V and from memory there is some adjustment by the arm that cable attaches, I think that can be used to adjust the amount of movement

Hope this helps.
  Ph1 172, Mini 2.0l T

I had my clutch cable slip off the adjuster on the pedal a couple of months back, luckly it caught back on and self adjusted so I could get home. The Renault parts guy said the rachet mechanism wears out causing adjustment problems so I bought a new pedal assembly (approx £22) which has cured the problem. Might be worth considering?

  clio 20v

mine took a few days to sort it self out and adjust up properly

i was also told that the adjuster wears out

it will prob sort itself though mine did when i got in after changing the cable i had trouble engaging gears unless i had my foot right to the floor but a few days later it was back to normal


Ruben, Mark you think the adjuster could be causing my gear change problems? you could be right. Its just as if the cable is too long..... however i know its the corret cable.

how can i can adjust, a self adjusting cable? its too dark to look now, but im sure there are no adjustments i can make to the clutch pedal itself.

its bloody hard work driving it as it is... if i have to get a new pedal, so be it! ill have a word with Renault tommrow or even Mr Hill himself.

unless any of you guys have any more ideas!?

Thanks again...


Who tha man, who tha man?........ i am! :D

fixed it!!! everyone was right in thinking it was the self adjuster system on the pedal... i just had another look.. and it seems as if there is a green clip which the pedal comes in contact with when you release the clutch.. a bit like a stopper if you will..

any way... i removed the stopper, clutch come all the way up forcing the adjuster to click a few more times... put the green clip back.... took her for a test drive!!! now this baby is sucking in those gears like never before!!!

so thank god for that!! top my lovely 2 days ive found a beautiful half inch nail stuck in my rear TOYO tyre :mad:!!!!! pulled it out.. pisssssssss!!:cry: pushed it back in.... silence! :Dso in it will stay.. (for now anyway :confused:)