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Bullet Camera Configuration (MPEG-2)

  Clio Sport 172 Ph2
I have a bullet camera and have been fiddling around with the record settings on Video Studio 6 in order to get the best results from recording driving footage...

At the moment Ive found these settings pretty good...

Frame Rate - 25
Constant Bit Rate - 7300k/bps
Mode - PAL
Res - 640x480

Anyone got any suggestions? ...this works out at 1Mb per second though unfortunately...

Should have some footage from my track session at Trax this weekend anyway :)
  BMW M135i
I'd reduce the bit rate or change it to variable. Its currently in excess of the bitrate of most dvds, variable gives the best tradeoff if its avaliable as you'll still get the bitrate when needed and it'll reduce when its not.
  Clio Sport 172 Ph2
I only get MPEG-1 & 2 codecs doesnt seem to work in AVI

I will try fettling the bit rate and changing to Variable though...nice one guys

Only got this up and running, recording to a laptop this week, so its all a bit of a rush :eek: