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Burn with a Rover 220i Turbo Coupe

Had a burn with a Rover 220i Turbo Coupe this evening. The rover was lowered with big bore exhaust. Dont see many of these around nowdays so was interested in seeing how quick they are.

Played around for a short blast then accelerate down long straight from about 30 to !20. Didnt leave me, I didnt gain on him. Would have to say that there was very little in it and most of the difference would be how slick your gear change is.

Yep 220 turbos are real animals 200 bhp about 1100 kilos with a very low Cd sub 0.30.

In standard trim good for 0-60 in 6.2 & good for 150mph.

Watch out a real sleeper.

Not many around though due to that quality rover build quality


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  E90 LCI 330d

Well, the 220 Turbo may be quick, but only in a straight line!

These things dont handle very well at all so you can have one through the twisty stuff!

It is an amazingly fast engine. My dad has a 2000 Vitesse Turbo and I had a blast in it a while back, mind blowing stuff! Not much turbo lag at all, one of the best turbo engines for an even power distrib. curve. In standard form, admittedly, yeah, the big Rovers dont handle that well cause its so big and flexes a lot, but all you need is a 60mm drop on coilovers, and front and rear strut braces and it would kick ass on the twisties too. Also, they can run boost to at least 280BHP+ with absolutely no trouble.


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  E90 LCI 330d


I think I am about to buy a Rover off my mate at work as a cheap 2nd runabout for a few months.

Its an M Reg 220 GSi 3 door, the 140bhp one, has leather, leccy windows, leccy sunroof, PAS, alloys, etc... and its *very* cheap. No rust, very tidy, 10 months MOT, new clutch, etc... Bargain!

Not the fastest and/or best handling car in the world, but it aint slow (about 8.5 secs 0-60 & 130 +mph) and for the money it is a bargain, so I will probably get it.

Just need to sort out about insuring 2 cars though, without getting robbed on one of them...

I used to have a 220 before my Clio.

good in a straight line, but crap around the corners.

And they frequently break down, resulting in costly visits to the Dealer.
  172 sport,

my better half has a 214 cabriolet it has all the 220 coupe stuff bumpers door mouldings spoiler etc but it wont pull the skin off a rice pudding so later this year im going to buy a salvage 220 turbo and do the transplant so will be able to give you all some proper figuers from that but i recon it will be quick


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  E90 LCI 330d

DW172 -

Well, I know this car very well as one of my mates has had it for a few years now. He is 28 now and looks afteer is cars well, plus he doesnt like revving them hard, so its not exactly had a hard life.

Its got a full Rover service history, right up until the last service a couple of moths ago when he decided it was pointless to keep the Rover FSH going as the car was worth nowt.

He just spent loads on it too. New discs & pads all round, new pair of front calipers too, new clutch, new clutch cable (caused original clutch to go), new alternator, new cambelt, just had major service and fresh MOT, plus has 4 decent tyres and a full SS zorst.

Surprisingly it is in very good nick and there is no rust, a couple of tiny marks and everything seems to work except the rear wiper motor, so seems great.

So, whos gonna guess how much he wants for it?!


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  E90 LCI 330d


I still defend the 106 GTi even though I aint got it anymore...

Gonna have to get your CTR round to ours and Ill pinch the 172 again and well have a quick "comparison" session.


I sold mine, 94 on an L plate, silver,been to the moon and back, no tax or MOT for.............


And I was laughing on the inside as I walked away.......

About £1500?


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

He only wants a grand for it!

Wouldnt consider it normally, but at that price...