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buying (possibly) a MK1 172

going to have a look (with pretty much the intention to buy) at one of these tomorrow.

Its a year 2000 w / x reg in silver

10,600 miles one owner (garage)


what (apart from the obvious things which hopefully, I would remember to check anyway) should I look out for????

It sounds to be a very good example of this car and it sounds to have been well looked after etc... but all the same any suggestions ????

cheers in advance

they want around £11k (maybe a bit less) but i guess the higher end of the prices

this is a garage not a private sale and they are taking mine in part ex

Check if its imported, but thats an obvious one right?

ummm, theres nothing else wrong with mine ... except the passanger seat rattles when theres no-one in it,

just buy it man!!

i almost certainly will

its about 3 hours drive away from where i live so it wants to be as nice / good as it seems !!!

wish me luck !!!


  Shiny red R32

Three hours! I hope it will be worth it VR6 man! Arent there any for sale closer to where you live?

none really that sound like what i am after !!!

i like driving

might be less than 3 hours... ill let you know !

the garage has also got a Cliosport V6 as well... hopefully ill be able to take that out for a "test drive" as well !!!

I was in your situation about 4 months ago dude. Needed to part-ex my old car (saxo vtr), so i went for the Mk1. Paid 11k for the 172 (with 11k on the clock) and got 5k for me saxo, which i was well chuffed with. The 172 is imported though so maybe 11k was a bit steep? but it was the right deal for me at the time, and im well chuffed I got a Mk1 now.

Good luck!!

cheers for the advice everyone

tomorrow ill either have another 400 miles on the golf or a nice new(ish) clio 172

ill let u know

Ill list everything I can think of but not saying they are all important some of them would have no bearing on weather you wanted the car or not. Apologies if you know all this already.

Check under rear passenger seat for water.

Check air con works, should be a audible cluck when it comes in.

Have a good listen for grumbling at the cam belt, a car of this vintage will be in the viechle range affected by a (possibly) noisy belt.

Have a good look at the paintwork as it will probably be Titanium silver. Rust speckles and peeling paint were reported with this colour.

A loud zinging above 5-6k is pretty normal.

Gear shift light will come on with ignition if it has one.

Has it got an alloy bonnet.

Warranty ? registered after 16/10/01 = 3 year factory warranty. Before that 1 year.

Alarm, LED will be at bottom left of gearstick on a uk car, sensors at top of pillars.

Look at how badly rippled the rear bumper is, catch the light right and you might see some dimples. Ive seen lots do it including mine, unavoidable but perhaps a bargaining point.

Look for moisture in the fog lamps (fixable) but Renault mod may not have been done.

Has it got two keys (new keys not cheap).

Service book says aux belt change at two years old, has it ahd it done or due soon ?

Has it got a spare alloy wheel ? Is the bottom of the well damp ?

Again appologies if most of this is irrelevant or already known.