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Bye bye Clio

  Civic Type-R
Bye bye clio...

Hello CTR!

  Golf R soon...
Both nice cars in my opinion!

Why get rid of the clio? Did the rattles get to you :clown:
  Civic Type-R
lol when ever i heard a rattle i turned the music up! ;)

Always wanted a CTR and that came up so got it lol but did need more room on a serious note ! wish i wasnt sooo popular teehee
  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!
awww, clio looked good, the ctr reminds me of them new mitsubishi grandis people carriers, with miles of boring panels on the sides. im sure it rips though!
  LY V6 with Recaros
The clio looks nice! Shame about the ctr......only joking, both great cars :) Enjoy.
Sweet, the CTR's never seem to photo very well and look like people carriers but I fecking love them in the flesh.

Definatly a move upwards from the clio in my opinion!

I think my next car will be a CTR in stunning red